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Home Material Sciences Efficient Sooty Filters and Neutralizers for Diesel and Carburetor Engines

Efficient Sooty Filters and Neutralizers for Diesel and Carburetor Engines


Neutralization and clearing of EICs exhausts is one of the most actual and enough complex problems of the environment protection from pollutions. According to specialists vehicles are suppliers of carbon monoxide about 6080 % from total in an aerosphere of the big cities. Introduction of hard restrictions on the toxic substances contents in the vehicles gas exhausts in the USA (ULEVstandards) and the states of Europe (EUROIII) causes necessity of development existing and creation of new materials and production engineering on manufacturing more efficient means of clearing of internal combustion engines exhausts. The problem of increase in reliability and efficiency of clearing of EICs exhausts from nitrogenoxides and soot particles for what at present the optimal solution is not found yet in the world is rather actual. Existing means of neutralization and clearing of EICs exhausts are functionly imperfect on the technical data and require certain development, including: raise of thermal stability of a honey comb structure of ceramic catalysts carryiers (initial and the secondary); efficiency of catalytic clearing at lower (200-220оС) temperatures that is especially important.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

It is developed:

  • New methods of synthesis of oxide compounds cordierite and aluminium titanate with low TKLE in solid phase and by melt crystallization;
  • Manufacturing methods of new ceramic materials with the increased thermal resistance and mechanical strength: porous for catalysts carryiers (porosity is 22-29%), porous and permeable (porosity is 45-50%) for sooty filters;
  • An original design and the newest manufacturing methods of the sooty filter which is distinguished high efficiency;
  • Methods of modification of the secondary carrying agent ђ Al2O3 which provide thermal stability of a covering, expansion of catalysts "bifunctionality window" which has allowed to reach high clearing efficiency, including from NOx, even at deficient oxygen concentration;
  • Economy of the platinum metals contents at saving of high production characteristics and reliability.

Areas of Application

The developed catalysts will be used in catalytic neutralizers of the exhaust gases of automobile engines, both diesel, and carburettor.

Other perspective ranges of application of honeycombed block catalysts is clearing of gas exhausts of the enterprises from carbon monoxide, organic compounds of different classes, nitrogen oxides, and also clearing of gas exhausts of stationary engines – Diesel electric units (self_contained reserve sources of supply of electric energy) which are characterized by considerable volumes of exhausts.

Block catalysts of honeycombed structure can efficiently be used also in the high temperature processes of producing catalysis which run in outwardly diffusion area, for example, catalytic conversion of methane in production of synthetic ammonia. Now in IPC NAS Ukraine investigation tests of the developed block catalysts during catalytic conversion of methane in apparatuses of the secondary reforming on Open Society " Nitrogen " (Cherkassy) are carried out.

Honeycomb catalyst carier
Fig. 1 Honeycomb catalyst carier

Sooty filter
Fig. 2 Sooty filter

Stage of Development

The patent of Ukraine is in a stage of development. The organization of production of catalysts and sooty filters with use of valuable mineral raw material kaolins of Ukraine makes possible their lower price at saving of high function characteristics (thermal stability, high catalytic activity), reliability and the long work resource.

Contact Details

Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of NASU
Contact person: Evgenia Garmash
Address: 3, Krzhizhanivsky St., 03142, Kiev, Ukraine
Tel.: (+38 044) 424 2001
Fax.: (+38 044) 424 2131
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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