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Home Material Sciences Glue-Free Bonding of Glass Ceramics Using Nanolayers

Glue-Free Bonding of Glass Ceramics Using Nanolayers


This developed technology of Solid-Phase Bonding of Polished Parts (SBPP) joins parts that are made of Zerodur glass ceramics and provides for:

  • the accuracy of a joined optical construction (angular positions) is close (within 1 angular second) to the accuracy of high-precision components manufacturing;
  • the accuracy of a joined optical construction is stable under temperature changes (+4000 C to -1960 C) and mechanical double impact (by 100 g followed by 300 g);
  • durability and stability of joined optical constructions remain at the monolith level;
  • the size of parts that can be joined is extremely high, up to 8 m.

In SBPP, connective nanolayers include silicon oxide based substance and different metal oxides in combination with aluminum. The layers are vacuum deposited. Can be used for applications in serial optical manufacturing (laser gyroscope, lightweight mirrors, mirror prisms, etc.). Collaboration with Schott AG, Germany, exclusive producer of Zerodur.

Fig. 1 Samples of a mirror prism
with external reflection and
90° angle

Fig. 2 Sample of a light-weight
mirror fragment

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Dr. Vladimir Maslov
Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Kyiv

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