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High-Performance Titanium Of Mem Technology For Aeroengines


Magnetically-controlled electroslag melting (MEM) is designed for producing round and slab ingots of multi-component high-strength and burn-resistant alloys of titanium.

Specifics of MEM technology, as compared with traditional VAR, is the use of a reactive slag pool and electromagnetic control of melt movement in slag and metal pools; protection of a metallurgical pool and consumable electrode by inert gas chamber from metal interaction with harmful atmospheric gases.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

As compared with traditional technologies of melting, in particular, vacuum-arc (VAR), the technology of MEM provides 1.5 - 2.0 times higher service life of titanium alloys owing to the following advantages:

  • Fine-grain structure of ingots, similar to that of forgings.
  • High chemical and physical homogeneity of metal.
  • Low content of harmful impurities (atmospheric gases) in metal.
  • Dense metal. Complete absence of pores and harmful inclusions.
  • The burn-resistant alloys of MEM technology with intermetallic strengthening preserve heat resistance at 750o-800o C.

Technology of MEM is more economically effective than VAR technology. This is due to the less expensive equipment of MEM technology than that of VAR and lower amount of repeated remelting of metal in MEM.

Areas of Application

Multi-component high-strength and burn-resistant alloys of MEM technology are designed for manufacture of parts and components operating under conditions of complex alternating loads and at heating up to 700o-750oC temperatures. It is most effective to use the burn-resistant alloys with an intermetallic type of strengthening in manufacture of blades, discs and other parts of gas turbine aircraft aero engines. At the same time the high-performance alloys can be used successfully in load-carrying elements of aircrafts.

Fig. 1 Scheme of ingots production

Stage of Development

Technology, equipment and materials are protected by patents of Ukraine and USA and have a number of “know-how” for industrial production of high-performance alloys. The level of developments envisages the signing of license agreements for industrial application of MEM technology in aero engine construction.

Contact Details

YAROSLAV KOMPAN, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of Laboratory of Magnetic Hydrodynamic of Electroslag Processes,
E.O. Paton Welding Institute,
11, Bozhenko st., Kiev, 03680, Ukraine
Tel: (38044) 289-1819
Fax: (38044) 287-4588
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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