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Home Material Sciences Durable ceramics extended lifetime

Durable ceramics extended lifetime


The use of zirconia nanopowders made in DonIPE as starting material ensures high level of ceramics properties. Combination of chemical inertness, thermal resistance, improved mechanical properties, low corrosion rate and high degradation strength of zirconia ceramics opens wide range of its applications. Production of friction pairs is also possible due to low friction coefficient and low wear of oxide ceramics. Opposed to zirconia ceramics, silicon carbide one has high thermal conductivity and is a matchless material for use in thermal shock environment. It’s excellent thermal shock abilities along with improved strength due to the use of nanopowders make this ceramic an outstanding material for operation at elevated temperatures. Unique production technology provides the sintering of complex shaped ceramics for various applications and real life tests* show 20 to 50 times increase in life time over high-strength steel analogs at affordable price.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Main Advantages:

  • significant increase in lifetime comparing to high-strength steel
  • durable in aggressive environment
  • complex shaped ceramics


  • operation in aggressive and abrasive environments under high temperatures
  • corrosion and chemical resistance
  • low wear rate
  • low degradation rate

Areas of Application

  • mine and oil-producing industry
  • machine building industry
  • chemical industry
  • metallurgical industry
  • energetic industry
  • aircraft industry
  • light and food industry

Fig. 1 Mine pump plunger:
on left: Steel 95Х18, real life tests performed: 2 month
on right: Zirconia ceramic, real life tests performed: 9 years

Fig. 2 Sandblaster nozzles with zirconia inlays

Fig. 3 Turbine nozzles from silicon carbide
5000 cycles, 500oC ↔ 1500oC

Fig. 4 SOFC recuperator plate from SiC (55x35 mm)
plate thickness - 200 μm, features height - 250 μm

Stage of Development

Ready for commercial use

Contact Details

Dr. Konstantinova T.E.
Organization: Donetsk institute for physics and engineering named after O.O. Galkin of the NAS of Ukraine, Materials science department
Address: 83114, Donetsk, R. Luxembourg, 72
Tel: +38 (062) 311 11 21
Fax: +38 (062) 342 75 13
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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