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Medical zirconia ceramics


Zirconia ceramics made from nanopowders possesses homogeneous structure ensuring high strength and stability against degradation. It is the material possessing significant advantages in life time and biocompatibility over other materials used in medicine as implants and prothesis. Thorough experiments* on human materials (in vitro) and animals (in vivo), have shown the fast bone-implant contact formation with no inflammatory/allergic reaction towards DonIPE zirconia ceramics from nano-sized powders. It is actually many times more beneficial than any other metal material due to it’s chemical inertness. Another matchless advantage of zirconia ceramics is the natural color and aesthetic look of dental prothesis and crowns. Zirconia outstanding biocompatibility, high strength and low wear** (tribological tests - 1000000 cycles) are key fundamentals for hip joint head production.

* Biocompatibility - Institute of Zoology of Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland
** Tribological tests - Institute of Vehicle and Machine Exploitation, Radom, Poland and V. Bakul Institute for Super hard materials NAS of Ukraine

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Main Advantages:

  • biological compatibility
  • excellent aesthetic look
  • high quality - affordable price


  • natural aesthetic look
  • high mechanical properties
  • inert and non-corrosive
  • low degradation rate
  • no oral galvanism
  • non-allergic
  • low bacteria adhesion
  • fast formation of bone implant contact
  • low frictional wear
  • affordable

Areas of Application

Medical clinics

Fig. 1 ZrO2 blanks for CAD/CAM production

Fig. 2 Tooth crowns

Fig. 3 Tooth implants

Fig. 4 Hip joint heads

Stage of Development

In development

Contact Details


Dr. Konstantinova T.E.
Organization: Donetsk institute for physics and engineering named after O.O. Galkin of the NAS of Ukraine, Materials science department
Address: 83114, Donetsk, R. Luxembourg, 72
Tel: +38 (062) 311 11 21
Fax: +38 (062) 342 75 13
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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