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Home Material Sciences Complex of Equipment for Composition and Structure Proximate Analysis

Complex of Equipment for Composition and Structure Proximate Analysis of Cast Iron and Steel


The complex have sets for thermographic and thermoelectric composition and structure proximal analysis of cast iron and steel.

Sets for thermographic analysis of cast iron (C, Si and CE) are completed by single-time sandy or multi-time (100 - 1000 samples) dyed metal castings with thermoelectric or optiсal-electronic thermotransducers.

Set for thermoelectric weight contends determination of C, Si, Mn and calculation of CE have no consumption accessories and used for cast iron and steel.

Graphite form (flake, compacted, spheroidal) is determinate with help temperature conductivity of cost iron in casting or special cast samples.

In comercial use the complex means provides the control of weight content of C, Si and Mn in the ranges 2,5-3,5; 0,5-2,5 and 0,3-1,5% with absolute errors not exceeding 0,15; 0,10 and 0,10% the determination of graphite from with statistical trustworthiness not less than 95% and diminution of spoilage and consumption of change materials.

The method and means of the complex are covered by domestic copyright certificates and patents.

Areas of Application

Foundry industry

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