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Home Material Sciences Production and Effective Application of Metallic Shots

Production and Effective Application of Metallic Shots


Complexes of shots-casting equipment and high-efficiency technology allows to organize with minimal expenditures and in short term production of metallic beads of various destination: abrasives from steel and iron casting cleaning, rolling, metal construction, abrasive cutting stone, filler for foundry moulds, welding granulates, reinforcing elements for composite materials, ecologically clean shots for hunter's patrons. Positive experience of exploitation of shots-casting equipment more than 15 years.

Metallic Shots
Metallic Shots

Complexes of shots-casting equipment of type "Hail" with productivity 400-5000 tons/a are placed on 50-250 m2 square with linkage to existence melting equipment, energy supplying and communications. Yield of fit shots with fraction 0.5-3.5 mm till 85% and higher. Hardness of beads may be obtained from 30 to 65 HRC.

General view of complex “Hail”
General view of complex “Hail”

Principal scheme of complex “Hail”
Principal scheme of complex “Hail”
1 - receiver of metal, 2 - magnetic washer, 3 - screen of preliminary dispersion, 4 - drier, 5 - elevator, 6,9- shaker feeders,
7,11 - screen, 8 - intermediate bunker, 10 - heat-treating furnaces, 12,15 -bunkers for scrap, 13 - bunkers for end product,
14 - shnek-cooler, 16 - jet chamber.

Areas of Application

Foundry industry

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Organization: Physico-Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys of NASU.
Address: 34/1 Vernadsky Avenue, 03680, Kiev-142, Ukraine.
Tel. (044) 444-35-15.
Fax (044) 459-50-29.
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