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Home Material Sciences Modified Low-Alloyed Cast Iron for Heat-Resistant Glass Forms

Modified Low-Alloyed Cast Iron for Heat-Resistant Glass Forms


Cast iron provides:

  • inactivity to molten glass mass in temperature interval from 1100-1200°С up to 700°С;
  • ability for polishing;
  • optimal heat resistance in conditions of long-term thermocycling
  • high strength under high temperatures;
  • в = 140 – 160 МРа до 600°С);
  • hardness index 160-230 НВ;
  • optimal heat conductivity.

Working layer of glass form contacting with glass mass has up to 56 W/m*K, which is 25-35% higher than heat conductivity of high-quality gray irons.

Developed technology provides melting of cast iron in electric furnace or cupola furnace, its modifying and thermal treatment.

Process of Modification of  Low-Alloyed Cast Iron

Heat conductivity of glass forms cast iron in comparison with grey iron

º -- usseal high quality cast iron
--- cast iron for glas form

Adjusts in time of manufacturing of glass forms for individual production, and also for the conveyor manufacturing glass

Areas of Application

Foundry industry

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Tel. (044) 444-35-15.
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