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Home Material Sciences Chemical-thermal treatment of titanium alloy friction pairs in controlled gas environments

Technological process and equipment for chemical-thermal treatment of titanium alloy friction pairs in controlled gas environments


To improve tribotechnical and anticorrosion properties of titanium alloy friction pairs operating under contact loading (to 10 MPa), including conditions of corrosive environment effect ( acid solutions, salts etc.) the above technology and equipment are used. The technological process is based on diffusion saturation of near-surface layers with nitrogen.

The technological process provides:

  • High wear and corrosion resistance;
  • Intensification of the process of saturation at all stages of the process;
  • Maintaining strength characteristics, structure and enhance ductility by reducing the process temperature (750 ... 850oC);
  • Maintaining high surface quality (used as a final process operation);
  • Formation in surface layers necessary structural and phase state control and strengthen the level of the surface over a wide range (from 7 to 14 GPa);
  • Processing any configuration details including the holes of any diameter and length.

Areas of Application

  • Engineering.
  • Aircraft construction.
  • Medical, surgical instrument processing and special staples and pins for the treatment of various fractures;

Contact Details

Darevych Romana, Bulatov Volodymyr
Organization: Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of the NASU.
Address: 5, Naukova Str., Lviv, 790601, Ukraine.
Tel. 38 (032) 2296575, 38 (032) 2296191, 097-447-48-86.
Fax 38 (032) 2649427.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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