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Home Material Sciences Technology of surface treatment of metal products

Technology of surface treatment of metal products


Technology of mechanical-pulse treatment of metal products is based on the use of pulse energy of high-frequency friction that allows to strengthen the product surface and to increase 5–fold the life time of machine elements.

Main technical characteristics:

In the friction contact of a treated element and a strengthened tool the intensive heating of near-surface layers occurs with simultaneous plastic deformation and a quick cooling.

Such conditions allow the near-surface layers saturation with different alloying elements. Thickness of the strengthened layer is 100-800 mkm, microhardness– 8-14 GPa, roughness of the strengthened surface Ra=0.4-1.6 mkm.

This technological process allows:

  • to strengthen working surfaces without changing the structural state of the matrix material;
  • to preserve a high quality of the surface (used as a finishing technological step);
  • it is simple in realization and not very expensive.

Areas of Application

Technology has been successfully tested and implemented in engineering, namely at municipal communal enterprise ”Lvivvodokanal” for strengthening protective bushes of pumps, elevator and transporter pins. The technology introduced at “ Viseiska” mine has increased two-fold the durability of plunger pairs, unloading rings and discs.

Contact Details

Darevych Romana, Bulatov Volodymyr
Institute: Karpenko physico-mechanical institute of the NASU
Address: 5, Naukova Str., Lviv, 790601, Ukraine
38 (032) 2296575, 38 (032) 2296191, 097-447-48-86, Fax: 38 (032) 2649427
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