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Technological process and equipment for chemical-thermal treatment of titanium alloy friction pairs in controlled gas environments

To improve tribotechnical and anticorrosion properties of titanium alloy friction pairs operating under contact loading (to 10 MPa), including conditions of corrosive environment effect ( acid solutions, salts etc.) the above technology and equipment are used.

Ultrasonic Tomograph UST-04M

Ultrasonic Tomograph UST-04M

Ultrasonic tomograph UST-04M allows to determine experimentally a spatial distribution of the velocities of propagation and damping of longitudinal, transversal and surface ultrasonic waves.

Electron-Beam Casting Installations

General view of the electron-beam casting installation

Electron-beam casting installations on the basis of standard vacuum induction furnaces UPPF-3M and ISV-004, as well as on the basis of vacuum arc furnace VDL-4 have been created. This permits to reduce the cost by 30 - 40% and to almost twice reduce the time of its implementation.

Improvement of Technology of Continuous Pouring of Steel

Technology of Continuous Pouring of Steel

To avoid stagnant temperature zones one can use multisectional ladle. The filtering of non-metal inclusions from steel thanks to placement the fireproof filters in ladle partitions.

Technological processes of eddy-current monitoring of material properties and defectiveness

Technology of monitoring the cracks of length not less than 1 mm (that do not protrude outside the rivet head).

Electromagnetic Search and Measuring System IMK-5

Electromagnetic Search and Measuring System IMK-5

The IMK-5 system is designed to search, determine coordinates and places of insulation damaging of main oil-, gas and products pipelines and other underground communications.

Electron-Beam Melting and Casting Technologies

Cast product from copper

The EBSM-EMS technologies allow to obtain cast parts from different metals and alloys by means of remelting of pure initial materials, as well as various wastes, like scrap, shavings, stampings, etc.

Combined Method of Treatment of Liquid Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys.

Mobile or stationary plant.

This method is used for degasification and removing of non-metallic inclusions and other detrimental impurities from non-ferrous metals and alloys.

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