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Technology for Production Ferrosilicium from Ash Waste of Thermal Power Stations

Granulated ferrosilicium is received by restoring part of oxides from slags obtained as a result of coal burning, separation and recovery of a restored metal component.

Complex of Equipment for Composition and Structure Proximate Analysis of Cast Iron and Steel

The complex have sets for thermographic and thermoelectric composition and structure proximal analysis of cast iron and steel.

Centrifugal Casting of Single-Layer and Bimetallic Pipes and Billets with Fluxing

The technology provides for fluxing of metal in a rotary mould, as well as the inoculating or microalloying of the alloy in the process of shaping of casting.

Technology of Obtaining of Cast Elements of Art Articles from Carbon-Ferrous and non-Ferrous Alloys by Lost-Foam

Art Articles from Carbon-Ferrous and non-Ferrous Alloys

Developed technology allows to produce the cast elements of art articles from cast iron, steel, aluminum and copper alloys with weight from 1 up to 1000 kg with the following assembling them into cast constructions according to model principle.

Non-fracture Express Method of Quality Control of Cast Iron Castings

Universal analyzer of spectrum of sounding of the castings and several samples of portable small-dimensioned instruments for non-destroy optimality checking operations of modifying cast iron are created.

Thermometry and Thermal Control of Technological Processes and Materials

The complex of thermometric methods and equipment’s is based on the module principle and designated for permanent and periodical control, registration, indication and regulation of temperature regimes of technological processes in foundry, metallurgy, chemical, ceramic, glassy and other production.

Technology for Die Casting of Steel Profiling Products

Technology provides manufacture of high-quality large-shape overhead products of complex form with thin sides by casting into gravity die with using of ceramic and sand mould core.

Casting of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys with metal crystallization under high regulated pressure (GAMODAR-process)

New technology can be use for casting obtaining with weight range 0,2…500 kgs in small-scale, serial and mass production and ensures high precision’s of obtained castings.

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