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Technology of obtaining of large dimension in sand moulds castings by Lost-Foam (FULL MOULD process)

Manufactured and tinted by refractory paint patterns are formed in usual casting flasks simultaneously with patterns of gating system gas withdrawal system.

Suspension Casting from High Manganese Steel

High manganese steel as each steel having susceptibility to transcrystallization is very responsive to smelting, pouring and cooling heat conditions and also to treatment.

Technology of Obtaining Ductile Iron by Modifying in the Mould

Work up technology to produce machine-building castings (bodies, crankshafts, diaphragms and other) of ductile iron, obtained in mould modifying process.

Oxide nanopowders

Many significant properties of nanopowders are determined by their size and size distribution along with the surface state of the nanoparticles.

Low Pressure Casting (LPC) with Gas or Piston Recompacting

The highly guaranteed level of metal properties along various casting cross-sections is provided.

Technology of Shape Castings Manufacturing with Using of Intensive Heat Cooling

Manufacturing shape castings of alloy steels with minimum allowance for machining by or without it foresees the creation high cooling rate in a casting mould (102 - 103o C/s).

Technology and Equipment for Modification of Cast Iron with Magnesium in the Ladles

The technology is based on the maintenance of equality of magnesium pair mass consumption assimilated in the melt and manufactured in the evaporator. An occurs by the heat count of the very melt.

Efficient Sooty Filters and Neutralizers for Diesel and Carburetor Engines

Honeycomb catalyst carier

Neutralization and clearing of EICs exhausts is one of the most actual and enough complex problems of the environment protection from pollutions. According to specialists vehicles are suppliers of carbon monoxide about 6080 % from total in an aerosphere of the big cities.

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