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Medical zirconia ceramics

Zirconia ceramics made from nanopowders possesses homogeneous structure ensuring high strength and stability against degradation.

30% Improvement Of Ultrasonic Impact Treatment Of Welded Joints

The surface state plays an important role during exploitation of constructions and especially such ones, which work in the vibration conditions. Such terms lead to formation of cracks in surface layers, which result in fatigue destruction of construction as a whole during future operation. The different welded joints are the most dangerous sites of constructions. There are a plenty of methods for the surface hardening of metals, which can improve the fatigue life and durability of responsible elements and parts of different machines, mechanisms and constructions.

Two-Dimensional Photonic Macroporous Silicon Structures


Two-dimensional photonic macroporous silicon structures


Two-dimensional macroporous silicon structures are formed by a method of photoelectrochemical etching of single crystal silicon. Periodic arrangement of air cylindrical macropores has been provided with corresponding periodic accommodation of etching pits. The last have been preliminary generated as a result of photolithographic procedure and anisotropic etching.


Al-Cu, Al-Steel and Cu-Stainless Steel transition pieces have been produced by explosion welding process both by cutting down from large-sized bimetal plates and individually. The thickness of cladding layers normally is in the range from 1 to 10 mm, whereas the thickness of base layer is unlimited. The mentioned combinations of materials are the most essential in the electrical engineering. These transition pieces normally are used in electrodes assembling of electrolysis equipment in manufacturing the pure aluminium and cathode copper.

Durable ceramics extended lifetime

The use of zirconia nanopowders made in DonIPE as starting material ensures high level of ceramics properties.

A New Class Of Composite Materials High_Quality Welding Machines And Equipment Working In Controlled Automated Lines

The physico-chemical substantiation is conducted and the production processes of composite materials by powder metallurgical techniques and electron-beam high-velocity vaporization-condensation are designed. The basis (fundamentals) of powder metallurgical techniques is: analysis of morphological compatibility of powders; the adhesive characteristics in systems refractory metal-melt; research of features of formation in solid, at the presence of a liquid phase and at capillary impregnation.

Al-Base Alloys By New Economically Efficient, Environmentally Benign Technology Of Rapid Solidification

Al strips (10x40 mm section)

A new rapid technology based on the use of modified water atomization (see Fig. 1) followed by direct powder extrusion has been developed. The atomisation stage is innovative and realised as a pilot plant.

Aluminothermic Reduction Of Oxides With Liquid Start


The aluminothermic reduction process (ATR) has efficient application in several metallurgical melting processes for production of alloys and ferroalloys with usage of the oxidized raw materials including the secondary ones as the basic charge components. Generally it starts with application of igniting mechanism when all of the reacting components are in a solid state after their mixing.

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