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Moldova State University

Moldova State University

General Information

Moldova State University (MSU) consists of 6 centres of scientific research, including 24 laboratories. Results of research and innovation activity are obtained by scientific staff, which includes: over 450 Doctors of Science, about 90 Ph.Ds, and 430 doctoral candidates.

Currently the research is carried out in the projects selected on a competitive basis: 31 - institutional projects, 20 - state program projects, 10 – international projects. The results of the scientific activity during the last 5 years are reflected in about 200 monographs, 250 textbooks, 650 methodological materials, more than 11,000 scientific articles published in national and international reviews. MSU has 166 patents over the past 5 years. University’s inventive activity is accompanied by the presentations of the achievements in various exhibitions, international and Republican fairs. Participation in these events is determined with 140 gold, silver and bronze medals.

MSU has a rich scientific library, over 700 thousand proceedings with a circulation of nearly 2 million volumes are stored there. The library is equipped with automated local network and electronic catalogue. Readers have access to various databases.

The MSU prepares highly qualified scientific-didactic workers, experts in a wide range of specialties for the area of scientific research and technological development, education, culture, industry and other branches of national economy and public life, destined to ensure a durable economic development of the society, to increase the well-being and the quality of life.

Institute’s Focus

Main objectives of the University are focused on:

  • Theoretical and applied mathematics;
  • Current issues in applied informatics;
  • Physics and technology of materials, structures and optoelectronic semiconductor devices;
  • Nonpolluting technologies and new materials with useful properties for national economy;
  • Biodiversity, biosecurity and rational use of natural resources;
  • Theoretical and applied linguistics, history and theory of literature;
  • Archaeology, problems of ethnogenesis, interethnic and international relations;
  • Social and economic issues, political and students’ role in society;
  • Legal issues in contemporary stage in Moldova;
  • Modernization of higher education in Moldova in the context of European integration.

Valuable Technology Offerings

University research activity is promoted both by MSU professors and studious youth. The achievements of students in science for the past five years have been the subject of the interesting debates in many conferences. They were reflected in various scientific papers. Many scientific achievements have been appreciated in national republican and municipal competitions.

Scientific Cooperation and Technology Transfer

Moldova State University is a member of the International Association of Universities, the Eurasian Association of Universities and University Agency of the Francophony (AUPELF). The directions of technical-scientific and international educational cooperation and major achievements in this area include:

  • Didactic and scientific cooperation with institutions of higher education: Romania (47), France (1), Russia (12), U.S.A. (7), Belgium (4), Germany (2), Canada (2), Italy ( 1), Poland (1), Finland (1), Ukraine (7), Israel (1), Estonia (1);
  • Participation in competitions and in the presentation of papers to perform work within the International programs: INTAS projects (11), SCOPES (3); FCRD (39), projects of the Francophone University Agency (7);
  • Participation in research in the framework of cooperation with: various institutions in Romania, Institute of Plant Genetics in Gatersleben (Germany), National Research Centre CNRS-PHASE, Strasbourg (France), University of Antwerp (Belgium);
  • Participation in international scientific events and activities (Romania, France, Russia, USA, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Italy, Poland, Finland, Ukraine);
  • Exchange programs for students and experts;
  • Training of students and doctoral candidates.

MSU prestige in international arena is also enhanced by the 27 personalities from 15 countries with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of MSU.

Contact Details

Professor Gheorghe Ciocanu
Address: 60, Al. Mateevici St. Chisinau, MD 2009, Republic of Moldova
Tel: (+373 22) 577 401
Fax: (+373 22) 244 248

Eleonora Boldocean
Chief Technology Commercialization Officer
Tel: (+373 22) 577 811; 577 757
Fax: (+373 22) 244 248
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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