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Institute of Geology and Seismology

General Information

Institute includes six subdivisions:
1) Laboratory of Seismology,
2) Laboratory of Seismic Action,
3) Center of Experimental Seismology,
4) Laboratory of Geochemistry,
5) Laboratory of Complex Study of crust,
6) Laboratory of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology.

Digital Seismic station

Analytic equipment

Phytoremediation site

Institute’s Focus

The main scientific directions are:

  • seismic regime study of the Carpathian-Balkan region, seismic macrozoning of the territory of the Republic of Moldova, seismic microzoning of urban areas, seismotectonics and geodynamics;
  • study of regional geology, lithology and strati-graphy of geological formations and minerals deposits tectonics and neotectonics;
  • hydrodynamics and regime investigations of ground water, the ground water reserves and quality, hydrologic prognosis and riverbed processes of small rivers;
  • study of the geochemical processes in the geological environment, quantitative prognosis of environmental pollution, elaboration of methods for remediation of polluted areas, pollution localization and reduction.

Valuable Technology Offerings

The method of dynamic property modeling of buildings was recommended for the construction in Moldova region. The seismic risk assessment was made for Chisinau and other territory of Moldova. The micro seismic zoning can be offered for every cities and industrial areas in Moldova and everywhere.

The seismic monitoring was organized by the digital stations. The on-line service was used for data transfer to the international centers.

Special seismic, geological and hidrogeological mapping and geo-database creation are made by GIS technology (ArcGIS, Mapinfo).

The chemical analysis of monitoring substances of Water Framework Directive can be made for the environmental site assessment and remediation project design: POPs, PAHs, BTEX, triazines, heavy metals etc. International accepted soft and institute’s elabora-tions were utilized. for data storage and processing. The perspective area was delineated for the hydrocarbon fuel deposit and subsurface gas storages in Moldova republic.

Scientific Cooperation and Technology Transfer

Institute participated in different international projects in the cooperation with some international centers and organizations: WorldBank, NATO, INTAS, JICA, , UNDP, CRDF, MRDA, MilieuKontakt, ICPDR and universities from Trieste, Italy, Bucuresti, Ramania, Ankara, Turkey, Royal Military College, Kingston, Canada etc.

Local and central authority can use our elaborations in different project for the planning of the sustainable territory development of and optimization of geological exploration . Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Construction, local authority. Institute posses a certificated analytical laboratory “GEOLAB” by ISO 17025.

Contact Details

Institute of Geology and Seismology
Director Dr. Vasile Alcaz
Address: Academy str. 3, Chisinau, MD-2028, Republic of Moldova
Tel.: + (373 22) 73 90 27, + (373 22) 72 36 08
Fax: + (373 22) 73 97 20
Chief of Geo-chemistry Laboratory: Bogdevici Oleg
Mob.: +(373) 790 51 898
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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