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Research Institute “ELIRI”

General Information

The Research Institute “ELIRI” was founded in 1959. In 1996 it was reorganized into a joint stock company. It is situated in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova.

In the sixties for the first time in the world the Research Institute “ELIRI” developed the industrial technology and equipment for production of cast microwires in glass isolation with a core diameter of less than 1 μm till dozens of μm and more of liquid metal phase and resistive alloys (this method was proposed by professor A.V. Ulitovskii).

Institute’s Focus

  • Casting of the microwire in glass insulation with a core diameter of less than 1μm to tens of μm.
  • Manufacturing products on base of microwire: iliform (minimal length of an operating component is 1 mm), flat (minimal thickness is equal to applied microwire diameter) and bulk (minimal volume is 0,02 mm3) components.
  • Researches of process of receiving of filamentary nanocomposites of extensive length, including a number of technologic operations from the preparation of the initial glass matrix with filaments micron sizes of metallic elements, alloys, semiconductors and semimetals to its deformation to nanometrical sizes of filaments.
  • Hybrid and Integrated Microelectronics: researches in the field of hybrid technology of integrated microelectronics, on the basis of which elaborates and manufactures custom hybrid chips and functional units (up to the third degree of integration) - filters, voltage regulators, amplifiers, resistance and resistance-capacitance assemblies, emitters and receivers of infrared radiation and others.
  • Metrological instrument making: control gage, measuring instrument and imitator of electrical resistance, standard high-voltage dividers, installation for high-voltage transformers verification.
  • Information technology: elements of securities identifying, radioabsorbing protective fillers and materials.
  • Measuring equipment: transducer-converter for measuring of non-electrical and electrical units, devices.

The Institute is equipped with devices and instruments for measurement of electric and non-electric units. For products manufacturing the institute uses equipment, produced by the industry and elaborated by the Institute, taking into account the structural features of the elaborated products and used materials (micron sizes, presence of glass insulation, etc.).

In recent years, the USA, Germany, and Japan purchased over 20 units of measuring and technologic equipment.

Valuable Technology Offerings

  • Nanotechnology of nanostructure manufacturing;
  • Nanostructured microwire manufacturing.

Scientific Cooperation and Technology Transfer

The Institute collaborates with Istitutes of Academy of Science and Universities of the Republic of Moldova. Recently, the Institute has been executing orders for firms from USA, Republic of Korea, Britain, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, etc. The experimental production of the Institute in cooperation with a number of enterprises of the Republic of Moldova manufactures the developed products.

Contact Details

Institute Eliri
Contact person: Dr. Efim Badinter, General Manager
Address: «ELIRI» S.A. 5, Miron Costin St. Chisinau, MD 2068, Republic of Moldova
Tel./Fax: (+373 22) 494 195;
Tel: (+373 22) 442 243
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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