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Home Moldova Technologies New Installation for Manufacturing Hard-Machine Details by Electropulse, Electro-Erosion and Electrochemical Processing

New Installation for Manufacturing Hard-Machine Details by Electropulse, Electro-Erosion and Electrochemical Processing


Universal installation "Elekta-2" is designed for manufacturing hard-machine details, mostly from tempered alloyed steels and hard alloys by a consequence of electricall methods. Processing is conducted with a single setting up of a detail in a machine and its processing by a chain of methods mentioned below, electrodes-tools and working liquids. The typical sequence of processing is the following: an electro-pulse technology for maximum material removal; electro-erosion technology for the removal of a defective layer and the reduction of the surface roughness; electrochemical technology for the finishing accurate processing and high-quality surface.

Fig. 1 Universal installation “Elekta - 2”

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Innovative aspect consists in a chain of electrical methods for mechanical tools processing and their integration in a single universal installation. The main advantages of the proposed installation are the following:

  • Universality and high quality and accuracy of processing
  • Reduction, up to 3-4 times, of the time and cost of details manufacturing and processing
  • Smaller dimensions of the installation and its working space
  • Reduce operating personnel.

The installation is ecologically friendly due to the optimal processing methods that allow less chemical working liquids consumption.

Areas of Application

  • Mechanical tools processing, mostly from tempered alloyed steels and hard alloys.
  • Die-mold and die manufacturing
  • Extrusion form tools

Fig. 2 Examples of manufacturing hard-machine details

Stage of Development

Prototype available for testing.

Laboratory tests of the prototype confirmed the high performance and advantages of the proposed installation and technologies.

The proposed integration of technologies and the installation have been protected by the following patents. The authors are inviting partners and investors for scaling up the proposed technical solutions and their implementation in industrial production.

Contact Details

Contact Details Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Address: Academia str.5, MD 2028, Chisinau, Rep. of Moldova
Contact person: Dr. Anatolii Paramonov, Alexandr Covali
Tel. (+373 22) 73 17 36
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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