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Salvia Sclarea L. (Clary Sage) Varietes with Different Periods of Harvesting


We offer Clary sage (Salvia sclarea L.) new high-effective varieties which are winter-hardy, resistant to drought and diseases, and with an enhanced producing capacity: early ripening variety Ambra Plus (fig.1), late-ripening varieties Victor and Nataly Clary, a variety with a middle ripening Dacia-99). Varieties form a conveyer during harvesting, which allows a gradual harvesting of each variety and ensures a substantial reduction of raw material and essential oil losses. All varieties are represent very complex hybrids and suitable for both processing technology of raw material as well as production of essential oil through distillation and production technology of concrete through organic solvent extraction. In its turn, this contributes to the increase of the areas occupied with sage and processing of a higher quantity of raw material while expanding industrial processing capacities.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • High productivity of row materials and essential oil;
  • High quality of essential oil and concrete;
  • Exploitation of industrial plantations 3 years instead of 2 years as currently are grown and harvested standard varieties in Moldova and current varieties in Ukraine and Europe
  • A different vegetative period, gradual ripening allows the expansion of the harvesting period up to 27 days;
  • Conveyor early, medium and late varieties increases industrial productivity by 20 %;
  • Seeding rate only 4 kg/ha.

The essential oil producing capacity of Clary sage new varieties are:

  • Ambra Plus – 73.3 kg/ha Dacia-99 - 62 kg/ha
  • Victor and Nataly Clary- 60-66 kg/ha (table 1) with a high concentration of linalil acetate (65-70%) and sclareol (6- 12%), as well as concrete producing capacity – 200-250 kg/ha with a high content of sclareol (60-70%).

The efficiency of these varieties grows substantially when, following essential oil distillation, the wastes are extracted with organic solvents resulting in concrete with a sclareol concentration of more than 60%.

Areas of Application

Agriculture (production of raw material, processing, essential oil and concrete production); medicine (balneology: baths, massage; treatment diseases of the respiratory apparatus, rheumatic diseases); perfumery (component in producing of the high quality perfume).

Fig. 1 General view of plantation of Clary sage (variety Ambra Plus).

Stage of Development

Varieties are protected by Moldova variety certificates (MD 297; MD 301; MD 405; MD 501).

The results were appreciated in the International Exhibition, Bucharest (Medal Inventica, 2005); in the International Exhibition, Chisinau, (Silver Medal, Cup and Diploma “Best Inventor” INFOINVENT, 2007).

Contact Details

Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology
Contact person: Dr. Maria Gonceariuc
Address: 22 Padurii St. Chisinau 2002, Republic of Moldova
Tel./Fax: (+ 373 22) 660 394
Mob.: (+ 373 79) 160 411
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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