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Seedless Grapevine Hybrids Production Through Direct Embryogenesis


Using of technique of somatic embryos safe through their excise previous abort and their subsequent cultivation on the nutritional medium in vitro conditions till integral plants are proposed. Success of in vitro technique depends on the selected medium, hybrid combination and postanthsis period (determining embryos age until the time of transferring on culture medium).

Difficulties in the process of genetic improvement of seedless can be overcome by in vitro techniques, following the stage of creation of new forms from initials. Technologies in vitro embryos represent single enable way that in a relatively short period of time is available to produce plants from new combinations of starting genotypes with different degree of seedless.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Modern biotechnology and especially, the applying in vitro techniques, offers the unique possibility of obtaining new forms of seedless grapevine vines, rapid multiplication in controlled conditions leading to healthy material. The grapevine seedless varieties posed the major advantages compared with the varieties with seeds, having a broader range of application and a growing demand on the international market.

The benefit of cutting obtained through in vitro techniques is covered by seedless varieties. In vitro technology reduces in half the length process of grapevine improvement. Also, in vitro biotechnology is a real method that offers the possibility of obtaining of new genotypes with valorous characters in a short period of time.

Areas of Application

All new grapevine forms are subject of genetic resources, as origin stenospermocarpy. The increasing interest on seedless genotypes defines the requirements of Agricultural Departments, Scientific Institutes, private organisations.

Hybrids Plants

Stage of Development

  • Technical protocols of standard plantlets production are developed.
  • Pilot lots of various hydrides combinations are obtained.
  • Developed algorithms are available for other hybrids combinations

Targeted Companies:

  • big and middle producers;
  • producers from other viticulture countries interested in our new forms resistant to unfavourable factors;
  • breeders and viticulture centres interesting in autochthonous seedless cultivars as source of high quality and productivity, resistance to unfavorable factors.

Contact Details

Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology
Contact person: Svetlana Smerea, PhD, scientific collaborator
Address: 22 Padurii St. Chisinau 2002, Republic of Moldova
Tel: (373 22) 66 03 89
Fax: (373 22) 55 61 80
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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