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Cultivating Raspberries with Ecological Safety


The ‘know-how’ of fruits of a raspberry on an ecological basis is offered. It provides raspberry cultivation on soils which meet the obligatory requirements of ecological production stated in the ‘know-how’, and replacing all chemical fertilizers, substances but at use of natural preparations.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Ecological culture of the raspberry gives certificated production of fruits of a raspberry with increasing up to 220 - 250 q/ha and, in comparison with a prototype, the profit is increasing by 20 - 25 % per 1 ha at the expense of decrease in the expense of material resources and manual labour.

The capital investments is reducing by 19 - 20 % as well in comparison with the existing ones.

Innovation elements:

  • Choice of plots of land corresponding to requirements and follow to the established norms for cultivation of ecological foodstuff;
  • Use of optimum structure of plantations corresponding to requirements for cultivation of non-polluting production;
  • Application of natural fertilizers and means of plants protection according to requirements of ecological agriculture;
  • Introduction of the technology components that are safe for health of people and for environment.

Areas of Application


Fig. 1 General view of plantation.

Fig. 2 Fructifying plant of a raspberry.

Fig. 3 Quality of the grown up crop of a raspberry.

Stage of Development

The technology is tested in field conditions by Co Ltd “Lefcons- Agro”, village Floreni, Moldova.

Contact Details

Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology
Contact person: Dr. of Sc. Nicolae Bujoreanu
Address: 22 Padurii St. Chisinau 2002, Republic of Moldova
Tel.(037322) 66-39-32
E.mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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