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Home Moldova Technologies Propagation, Domestication, and Introduction of Rhodiola Rosea L.

Propagation, Domestication, and Introduction of Rhodiola Rosea L.


The Center of Advanced Biological Technologies (CABT) has developed an innovative program of plant multiplication, secondary metabolites extraction, purification and analysis of biochemical components that have antioxidant and adaptogen effects. These components are inducing “well-being”, improving the immune system, reducing cardiovascular diseases and oxidative stress. They stimulate non-specific resistance and help organisms to resist chemical- physical and mental stress.

Fig. 1 Plants of R. rosea growing in Romanian Carpathian Mountains.

Plants that contain unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, and antocianidines and their combinations are the sources of substances that have beneficial effects against oxidative stress, cardiovascular and immune diseases. Among plants that contains substances with adaptogenic effects one of the most famous is Rhodiola rosea L.

Fig. 2 In vitro propagation (a) and one year old rhizomes of R. rosea (b).

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • Existence of the developed systems of R. rosea selection, seeds germination and obtaining of vigor seedlings;
  • The advanced stage of development of procedure for obtaining viable and vigor “artificial seeds” from generative and in vitro propagated plants;
  • Accessibility of selected valuable and genetically heterogeneous R. rosea genotypes.
  • Developed agronomic techniques of cultivation and carrying out the cultivation of selected descendents;
  • Existence of well-developed infrastructure for physiological and biochemical control of plants physiological state and obtaining a large quantity of plantlets using traditional and biotechnological methods;
  • Well-developed infrastructure for chemical control of natural products.
  • Optimized methods of in vitro propagation of R. rosea.

Areas of Application

Ecology, medicine.

Fig. 3 Planting of R. rosea (a) and three year old plants of R. rosea growing in Moldova.

Stage of Development

All mentioned methods, facilities, and sources for multiplication are available for demonstration.

Some methods are patented in Moldova and others are secret know-how.

Contact Details

Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology
Contact person: Prof. Alexandru Dascaliuc
Address: 22 Padurii St. Chisinau 2002, Republic of Moldova
Tel.: (+ 373 22) 530 177
Mob.: (+ 373) 095 100768
Fax.: (+ 373 22) 556 280
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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