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Natural Plant Growth Regulator Reglalg


Reglalg is a natural plant growth regulator (PGR) extracted from algae in special conditions. It improves the vitality and quality of the crops by natural means. In mixture with fungicides and pesticides Reglalg diminishes their effective doses. As a result, the detrimental effect of chemical crop protectants on the environment and human health could be reduced, while the efficient use of natural resources improved.

Reglalg is regulatory preparation that induces the systemic acquired resistance (SAR), influences on plant growth and productivity. It could be regarded as an option for economically sustainable organic crop production.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • Acts as a PGR that in specific concentrations stimulate roots growth, activates secondary roots formation and development, provide better mineral and water supply to the plants.
  • On cereals it promotes the deeper immersing of node of bushiness that have beneficial effects on plants frost- and drought-tolerance.
  • Reglalg components increase plant resistance to frost, drought, high temperature and snow mould.
  • In combination with fungicides and pesticides Reglalg retains growth-regulating capacities and promote their activity.
  • Integration of Reglalg in generally accepted agrotechnical procedures is not hampered by the requirement of costly investments for equipment and end-users trainings. It can be applied using the techniques developed for the chemical compounds.
  • Easy to use in preparative form (liquid, before use diluted up with water).
  • Long-term storage in the dark, at a wide range of temperatures (9-18oC).
  • Accessible transportation and storage costs.
  • Action of Reglalg is environmentally friendly: safe for people, animals, bees and environment. It could be regarded as an option for economically sustainable organic crop production.

Areas of Application

Agriculture, plant protection.

Wide spectrum of application: cereals, maize, sunflowers, potatoes, fruit trees and vegetables.

Fig. 1 The 4 days old sunflower plantlets obtained from the seeds treated (b) and
untreated (a) with solution of Reglalg.

Stage of Development

It is approved for implementation in agriculture in Moldova. To implement intensive application of the Reglalg it is necessary to organize its advertising, marketing and largescale production.

Principles of use the preparation are partially protected by patents of Modova.

Contact Details

Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology
Contact person: Prof. Alexandru Dascaliuc
Address: 22 Padurii St. Chisinau 2002, Republic of Moldova
Tel.: (+ 373 22) 530 177
Mob.: (+ 373) 095 100768
Fax.: (+ 373 22) 556 280
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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