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Home Moldova Technologies New Dental Preparations on the Base of Fennel Seeds Extract (“Fenglicol” and ”Fencarin”) and Technologies of Their Production

New Dental Preparations on the Base of Fennel Seeds Extract (“Fenglicol” and ”Fencarin”) and Technologies of Their Production


New medicinal preparations (“FENGLICOL” and ”FENCARIN”) and technologies of their production are proposed on the base of extract of fennel seeds Foeni-culum vulgare as well as with inclusion of additional ingredients: essential oil in Fenglicol, marigold flowers components in Fencarin, glycerol and ethanol. Optimal production conditions of main components of the preparations and ready pharmaceutical forms on their base have been elaborated. Production technologies have been developed.

All necessary requirements of Russian Pharmacological Committee for this kind of drugs such as acute and chronical toxicity, specific pharmacological activity and others have been studied and determined.

Preparations have anti-inflammatory, wound healing, deodorant and anesthetic activities. They are recom-mended for treatment and prophylaxis of inflammatory pathologies of mouth mucosa and especially for chronical periodontitis, stomatitis and gingivitis. Their taste, anesthetic and deodorant properties make it possible to apply in child stomatology.

Pharmaceutical form: transparent or slightly opalescent emulsion, with sweet taste and pleasant odor of anise, with pale yellow-brown color with greenish tint, packed in 40 or 50 ml bottles.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

In comparison with many medicines our products pos-sess higher affectivity for treatment of inflammatory diseases of mouth mucosa, have excellent good taste and deodorant properties that permit their application not only in adult but also in pediatric stomatology.

The preparations don’t have decalcification activity on the dental tissues, in contrast with many natural and synthetic drugs existing on today’s pharmaceutical market. They don’t have side effects as they are pro-duced from ecologically clean raw materials. In con-nection with it they can have high competitive power in comparison with other preparations.

By this time there is a base for medical application of the preparations on the basis of stomatological institu-tions where clinical tests have been already carried out. As a result of improved technology production of fen-nel tincture development of new combined preparations on the base of fennel tincture is possible.

Areas of Application

Medicine, pharmacy, stomatology.

Fig.1. Pharmaceutical forms of medicinal preparations “FENGLICOL” and “FENCARIN”.

Stage of Development

Development phase –laboratory tested, available for demonstration. Technical feasibility study.

Normative documents of the pharmaceutical forms have been elaboated, clinical tests have been carried out in Moldova and Russia (showed affirmative results).

Covered by patents of Moldova: ## 2326 MD and 2448 MD.

Contact Details

Institute of Chemistry
Contact person: Dr. Felix Shepel
Address: 3 Academia St. Chisinau 2028, Republic of Moldova
Tel.: (+373 22) 739 758; 739 754; 528 615; (+079) 610 296 (cell)
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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