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Phase Shift Transformer


Energy market liberalization has imposed the need to develop special means for directing the flow of power and as a result of a class full of such tools called FACTS (Flexible Alternative Current Transmission Systems) controllers. One important means of control in this class is phase shift transformer (PST), which can be used as independently, and in a combination to other elements, that considerably expands area of their application.

So far, the main directions of practical use of PST were:

  • Forced redistribution and regulation of power flows transport networks.
  • Flexibility increase of power system and ice fusion on wires of overhead-lines etc.

Institute of power engineering of Academy of Sciences of Moldova has been developed new technical solution of PST (Fig. 1), possessing a number of essential technical and economic advantages in comparison with existing is offered. This technical solution allows increasing the operating speed of PST and providing efficient control of the dynamic processes connected with electromechanical fluctuations of synchronous machines rotors. Also allowing decrease weightdimensional and cost indexes, and increasing their controllability.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Developed technical solution of PST as well as other similar installations consists of two transformers: the basic and adjusting. Originality of the offered technical solution consists in a way of realisation and switching between windings of adjusting and additional transformers. It allows lowering the established capacity of installation approximately on 25%, keeping the same transferring ability (fig. 2).

The offered technical solution allows reducing twice a current and working voltage of the adjusting transformer, provides 7 steps of regulation of a phase shift corner. For the given scheme, the electronic switcher also is developed for a choice of a necessary corner of shift which has the total established capacity lower on 33% than standard solutions. The given innovative properties allow to increase management of degree and speed of power supply system mode, and also allows to increase the established capacity of installation located structurally in one tank.

Areas of Application

  • To constrains undesirable loop power flows that come into being due to meshed characteristics of interconnected power systems;
  • To maintain a constant or forcibly changed) steady-state or post-contingency active power flow between two nodes in the electrical network;
  • To damp the system oscillations by opposite modulation the phase angle between the voltages of corresponding nodes in the network;
  • To vary in wide range the level of series compensation of transmission upon condition of parallel connection with capacitor compensating banks.

Technical solution of proposed PST
Fig. 1 Technical solution of proposed PST

Fig. 2 Comparison of installed power of standard and proposed
technical solution SΣ1 - total installed power of standard PST; SΣ2
- total installed power of proposed PST

Stage of Development

The proposed technical solution is covered with:

  1. Moldova Patent MD 3823
  2. Moldova Patent MD2652

Contact Details

Institute of Power Engineering of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Contact person: M.S.Tirshu, L.P.Calinin
Address: 5 Academiei Street, MD2028, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Tel./fax. (+373 22) 735384 / 735382
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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