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Home Moldova Technologies Industrial Installation for Electromagnetic Heat Treatment of Vegetable Oil Products

Industrial Installation for Electromagnetic Heat Treatment of Vegetable Oil Products


Our installation allows a uniform heat treatment in the whole product’s volume due to microwave field’s influence. For example the installation for soybeans’ heating with a productivity of 200 kg per hour has the output temperature of 65oC, achieved in 143 seconds, using magnetrons total power of 6 kW (input temperature consists 15-20oC).

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The heating uniformity is achieved by applying microwave energy between the product’s layers, optimal correlation between microwave field’s intensity and layers’ thickness, and constant rating of product promotion through the resonator mine.

  • uniform heating process of the whole material volume;
  • exclusion of products’ local burning;
  • relatively low energy consumption;
  • automatic maintaining of output temperature regardless of input temperature.

Areas of Application

The installation can be used at oil extraction plants for electromagnetic heat treatment of different oil products such as: soybeans, sunflower seeds, rape, cacao beans etc., for further oil extraction from these products.

Photo of the elaborated installation
Fig. 1 Photo of the elaborated installation

Main parts of the installation
Fig. 2 Main parts of the installation

Stage of Development

  • It was elaborated the scientific basis and the technology of oil products’ heat treatment, and was constructed the described industrial installation.
  • The offered installation was tested in laboratories of Technical University of Moldova (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova) and on an industrial pilot elaborated by “Flora Power” (Augsburg, Germany) – a big company specialized in oil extracting plants’ manufacturing.
  • The elaborated technological process is covered by a patent of Republic of Moldova nr. 12738 from 2010.12.15.

Contact Details

Technical University of Moldova
Contact person: Eugeniu Ciobanu
Address: 168 Stefan cel Mare bldv. MD-2004, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Tel: +373 68 068 678, +373 79 929 002

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