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Home Moldova Technologies Technology of Preparation of Ultrathin Superconducting Nanostructures for Spintronic

Technology of Preparation of Ultrathin Superconducting Nanostructures for Spintronic


Elaborated advanced technology for superconducting spintronics - technological process, based on magnetron sputtering of the metallic films with non-metallic protective layers, yields significant improvement in superconducting properties of thin Nb films and Nb/CuNi nanostructures in comparison with common methods of films deposition (Fig.1).

The developed advanced technological process is patented (Patent RM №.175 from 31.03.2010).

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Thanks to our technology, we can sputter a whole lot of samples with a strictly reproducible parameters in a single cycle of deposition.

The first experimental observation of the double re-entrant superconductivity in superconductor/ ferromagnetic nanostructures (Nb/Cu41Ni59 bilayers) in dependence on the thickness of the ferromagnetic layer (Fig.2) (Published in : A.S. Sidorenko, V.I. Zdravkov, J. Kehrle, R.Morari, E.Antropov, G. Obermeier, S. Gsell, M. Schreck, C. Muller, V.V. Ryazanov, S. Horn, R. Tidecks, L.R. Tagirov. Extinction and Recovery of Superconductivity by Interference in Superconductor/ Ferromagnet Bilayers. In book: Nanoscale Phenomena – Fundamentals and Applications,Ed. by H.Hahn, A.Sidorenko, I.Tiginyanu, Springer, 2009 p.1-10.) was found on our samples.

Technology of passivation allows to save samples of the initial characteristics of nanolayers for a long time.

Areas of Application

Design of a new generation of superconducting spintronic devices - high frequency operating superconducting spinswitch for telecommunication and computers

Nanostructure Nb/CuNi, fabricated by the elaborated method
Fig. 1 Nanostructure Nb/CuNi, fabricated by the elaborated method

Fig. 2 Nonmonotonic dependence of the critical temperature of
superconductive transition Tc (dF) for dNb ≈14.1, dNb≈7.8 nm and
the curve of double recovery Tc (dF) for dNb≈6.2nm < ξs ~ 8 nm,
where ξs is the superconductive length of coherence in Nb layer.

Contact Details

D.Ghitu Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies
Address: Academiei 3/3 str., Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
fax (373)22-727088
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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