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Informational Tools for Distance Learning and Remote Design in GUAM Community


Development of a unique information environment of the four states belonging to GUAM association (Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova), intended for remote cooperation in the technical and scientific fields, can bring substantial benefits to all parties involved. The environment developed using a distributed technical system is intended mainly for collective work on common projects of the specialists from GUAM community, basically for the former weapon scientists, as well as for distance education and continuing education of the specialists from the field mentioned above.

Distributed technical system for joint work on common projects has been developed, comprising sets of data banks and databases (on 4 national servers and a common GUAM server).

Within the #4509 STCU project the Information Society Development Institute developed a website comprising relevant databases of qualified experts in various fields, the fields for training and continuing education, available trainers and scientific results. A study class was set up in Chisinau, Moldova, equipped with technologies for remote design of machine building items (based on CAD/CAM “Inventor” product), as well as for distance education of the relevant experts (via VPN connection). It passed several tests: simultaneous activities in the system, work in time sharing mode between the partners, mixed mode. The system is designed to serve as a permanent means of communication for scientific and technical cooperation among researchers from GUAM community.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The novelty consists in the fact that for the first time in the post-soviet space (i.e. Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova) there will be created a technical and scientific complex, that will provide common simultaneous activity of the experts from different countries on a common project, as well as training (continuing education) in a “collective dialogue” mode and common analysis of social and economical issues.

A new step in the field of distance education is the teaching methodology developed on basis of CAD/CAM Inventor.

Areas of Application

  • Distance education;
  • Remote design;
  • Scientific and technical cooperation;
  • Technical information exchange.

Structure of unique information environment in GUAM community
Fig. 1 Structure of unique information environment in GUAM community

Scheme of the study class
Fig. 2 Scheme of the study class

Stage of Development

Field tested, available for demonstration.

Contact Details

Information Society Development Institute
Contact person: Igor Cojocaru
Address: 5A, Academiei St. Chisinau, MD-2068, Republic of Moldova
Tel: (+373 22) 738 774
Fax: (+ 373 22) 733 301
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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