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Integrated multifunctional bioreactor


The complex research carried out under this project demonstrated that the anaerobic digestion of agricultural liquid and solid wastes can be regarded not only a means of environmental protection, but as an efficient method to produce a series of economically viable products. A new technological process and equipment was pursued for the anaerobicenzymatic treatment of post-distillery grains to decrease digestion time and increase the levels of bio-methane contents in the resulting biogas. The remnants, a vitaminized sludge containing vitamin B12, can be used as a supplement for cattle.

New equipment and stimulating microadditives allowed the biochemical process to intensified biochemical process allowed the reduced energy costs for waste treatment required. The essential reduction of energy costs for wastes treatment was reached due to the intensification of biochemical process utilization of the produced biogas as energy agent. The biogas formation intensity was 2- 2.5 times higher, the biomethane contents in biogas increased from 60-70% to 75- 85%, and the appropriate energy value of biogas increased from 5000-5500 to 7000- 8000 kkal/m3. At the same time, the wastewater treatment degree was by 15-20% higher, compared to the conventional methods. In view of practical application of novel technology, the new bioreactor has been developed– “Integrated multifunctional bioreactor.” For the process and equipment 7 patents (MD) were obtained and two patent applications were submitted.

Integrated multifunctional bioreactor and team creator

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