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The Low-Energy Illumination Systems

The system consists of light modules on the basis of electroluminescent diodes and the block of management.

Air Ionisier for Profilaxy And Treatment of Respiratory and Cardiovascular System Ilnesses

The developed source of a high voltage for an ionizer of air on the basis of unit scheme with energy transfer by impulses allows to adjust smoothly the voltage output.

Laser Diode Module With Collimator

The laser diode module with collimator has a radiant flux power 500 mW, a wavelength of radiation 1.06 μm and beam divergence angle of less than 3 mrad.

Fiber Microlens for Optical Coupling Elements

The original making method of fiber optic components was elaborated. Tapered end with microlens was formed by a combine method of chemical etching and fusion process. Optical fiber was immersed slowly in an acid etchant to obtain the conical shape of fiber ends. To form fusion hemispherical lens the fiber end was heated by electric arc discharge. The microlens diameter is determinated by the duration and current density of the arc discharge. Characteristics of output power from fiber optic, for microlenses with radius of lens R=8 μm fabricated by the used only electric arc discharge (curve 1) and fabricated by the combine chemical etching and fused methods (curve 2) is shown in Fig.1.

The Device for Diagnostics of Oral Cavity Fabrics Pliability for Manufacturing of High Quality Dentures

The electronic device allows to make diagnostics of oral cavity fabrics pliability, with an opportunity for automatic correction of the gauge characteristic was developed.

Physiotherapy Device “Teralaser-Fm” for Profilaxy and Treatment of Huge Spectrum Diseases

Device is made based on heterojunctioned infrared semiconductor laser and ultraviolet electroluminescent diodes. It has 2 emission terminals with independent management and control.

Laser Emission Module for Fiber Optic Communications

The module allows decreasing the coupling losses using an original simplified method for fiber optic communication systems, which offers a simple adjustment of the fiber for focusing the laser spot into the fiber core.

Selective Photodiode with Modulated Sensitivity

Structure of selective photodiodes series.

The selective photodiode is made on the basis of InxGa1-xAsyP1-y multilayer heterostructure can be used for speeding up the information transmission for atmosphere and fiber telecommunication systems and for detecting simultaneously two or more optic signals with different wavelengths.