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Photodiode with Selective Bidimensional Sensitivity

Topology of quadrant-photodiode

The photodiode with selective bidimensional sensitivity (quadrant-photodiode) elaborated on the basis of InP-In- GaAsP heterostructures with InGaAsP thick wide-gap frontal layer assures selective sensitivity to λ=1.06 mm for atmosphere telecommunications systems usage.

Microwire Resistive Divider for High Voltage Measurement of Alternating Current of 6.3-35 Kv

Sample of developed voltage dividers

High-voltage voltage dividers on the basis of a microwire in glass insulation are the new measuring equipments with the raised technical characteristics at measurement of alternating current voltage in electric networks.

Informational Tools for Assistance of Sonographic Examinations

The system helps the specialist in sonographic analysis to draw the conclusion more correctly, especially in emergency cases or in unspecific clinic/paraclinic cases. A physician, even without wide experience, has access to a resource, where the process of sonographic examination is detailed and formalized, includes useful information on anatomy, ultrasonic semeiology, differential diagnostic.

Obtaining Highly Effective Natural Products Synthesized Biologically

The proposed technology includes the obtaining of new preparations on the basis of spirulina biomass - Osteobior (5,0 mg capsules), Imunobior (5,0 mg capsules), alcohol solutions - Osteobior (10 mg/ml and 50 mg/ml), Imunobior (10 mg/ml and 50 mg/ml) and its implementation, as well as quality parameters of standardization at the diverse stages of production.

Phase Shift Transformer

Technical solution of proposed PST

Energy market liberalization has imposed the need to develop special means for directing the flow of power and as a result of a class full of such tools called FACTS (Flexible Alternative Current Transmission Systems) controllers.

Combined Solar Heater of the Liquid and Gaseous Heat-Carrier

The cut of the combined solar heater

The offered solar heater can find application in a heat supply systems of various technological objects (hothouses, drying installations, etc.), inhabited and industrial buildings. The known combined air-water solar collectors are difficult on a design, are inconvenient in assemblage and installation, have considerable weight, are insufficiently energetically effective and are expensive devices. The power institute, develops a design of the simple and effective device with use of the accessible and cheap materials, providing simultaneous or separate heating of the liquid and gaseous heat-carrier, in particular, water and air, and convenient in operation.

Romanian Reusable Resources for Natural Language Technology

The Romanian Reusable Resources for Natural Language Technology (3RNLT) consist of a database with the linguistic information for Romanian at the word level, and a set of service programs.

Development of Silicon PV Modules by Spray Pirolysis

The spray technology of obtaining transparent conductive layers (TCO) and of producing a laboratory installation for their fabrication has been developed.