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Electroplasmolysis of Biological Raw Materials and Apparatus for its Usage

Electroplasmolysis is a process of the treatment of biological raw materials by the electric current, during which there is the exfloitation of the protoplast and cell shells, that results in the increase of the juice yield.

Electrophotographic Information Carrier

Charge- (hole or electron) transport polymeric materials have been widely used in many fields, including electrophotography, organic electroluminescent devices, and others. They also play an important role in electrophotoconductive materials’ elaboration, which attract much interest because of the potential application in holographic optical data storage and real time imaging process. Carbazole containing polymers are also well known for their photorefractive properties. Carbazole containing polymers can be used in production of photothermoplastic materials only in case when they correspond to certain requirements: they must be transparent; they must manifest adhesion for support; and they should possess certain thermo-mechanic and deformational characteristics.

New Installation for Manufacturing Hard-Machine Details by Electropulse, Electro-Erosion and Electrochemical

Universal installation "Elekta-2" is designed for manufacturing hard-machine details, mostly from tempered alloyed steels and hard alloys by a consequence of electricall methods.

Lavander (lavandula angustifolia mill.) Varietes-Clones

Three new varieties-clones of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Mill.) with different term of ripening are offered.

New Installation for Electro-Spark Alloying

Installation of electro-spark alloying of metal surfaces «ПЭЛ-28» is intended for enhance of wear resistance

Technologies of Obtaining of Preparations from Algae Biomass and Utilization of Them for the Increasing of Bulls and Boars Spermatogenesis

The proposed technology includes the obtaining of BioRSp preparation from the spirulina biomass for its utilization as regulator of bulls and boars spermatogenesis and its implementation.

Advanced ZnO Laser Nanoresonators for Photonics

The control of the morphology of ZnO assembling is an effective way to design laser resonators. Due to a high optical quality, the material is a gain medium for stimulated emission.

Salvia Sclarea L. (Clary Sage) Varietes with Different Periods of Harvesting

We offer Clary sage (Salvia sclarea L.) new high-effective varieties which are winter-hardy, resistant to drought and diseases, and with an enhanced producing capacity