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Virus Free Grapevine Plantlets Production

The International Council for the Study of Virus and Viruslike Diseases of Grapevine recognizes over 70 infectious agents affecting this culture. Many of them cause disorders that reduce the plant vigour and longevity, the quality and quantity of the yield.

New Varieties of Medicinal Plants Marigold (Calendula Officinalis L.)

We propose two new varieties marigold: Diana and Nataly with large inflorescences, large number of ligulate flowers and with a high producing capacity of more than 1.3 - 1.4 t/ha dry inflorescences.

Indigenous Varieties of Leguminous Crops

Soya [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] varieties Zodiac and Alina have been developed through a hybridization method. The authors are A. Budac, V. Celac, L. Coreţch, and I. Chirtoacă.

Propagation, Domestication, and Introduction of Rhodiola Rosea L.

The Center of Advanced Biological Technologies (CABT) has developed an innovative program of plant multiplication, secondary metabolites extraction, purification and analysis of biochemical components that have antioxidant and adaptogen effects. These components are inducing “well-being”, improving the immune system, reducing cardiovascular diseases and oxidative stress. They stimulate non-specific resistance and help organisms to resist chemical- physical and mental stress.

Seedless Grapevine Hybrids Production Through Direct Embryogenesis

Using of technique of somatic embryos safe through their excise previous abort and their subsequent cultivation on the nutritional medium in vitro conditions till integral plants are proposed.

Cultivating Raspberries with Ecological Safety

The ‘know-how’ of fruits of a raspberry on an ecological basis is offered. It provides raspberry cultivation on soils which meet the obligatory requirements of ecological production stated in the ‘know-how’, and replacing all chemical fertilizers, substances but at use of natural preparations.

Indigenous Varieties of Leguminous Crops

There have been developed and introduced in Moldova the chickpea varieties Ichel and Botna and lentil varieties Aurie and Verzuie. The chickpea variety Ichel is an erect steam plant, of green colour, achieves the height of 80 cm, the Cabuli type. The seeds are round, with the yellow cotyledons, the mass of 1000 seeds is 209 g. The seed production achieves 1,47 t/ha. Pure ecological seed are designated for the food and refining industry.

Natural Plant Growth Regulator Reglalg

Reglalg is a natural plant growth regulator (PGR) extracted from algae in special conditions. It improves the vitality and quality of the crops by natural means.