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Hydro Turbine With Vertical Blades

The renewable energy is the solution for the problems of preserving the environment and find new sources of energy for the future, in conditions of a permanent increase of consumption.

Micro-Hydro-Power Station for the Conversion of Flowing Water Kinetic Energy into Mechanical or Electrical Energy

Pilot-station of the bi-functional micro-hydro-power plant.

Micro hydropower stations are utilized to satisfy the energy needs of decentralized consumers without building dams. The proposed micro hydropower station operates on the basis of the principle of flowing water kinetic energy conversion into mechanical or electrical energy. On the basis of the carried out theoretical re-search and undertaken computer simulations the conceptual diagram of micro-hydro-power stations with pintle and blades fixed on vertical axles has been elaborated. The conceptual diagram of the micro hydropower station is based on the conversion efficiency increase (Betz coefficient) by utilizing the hydrodynamic effect of the blades and by orientating the blades towards the water stream in optimum positions from the point of view energy conversion. On the basis of this conceptual diagram the pilot-station of the bifunctional micro hydropower station  has been elaborated.

Process of Producing Iodine-Fortified Margarine with High Biological Value

Iodine-fortified sandwich margarine with high biological value

It has been developed technology for obtaining iodine-fortified sandwich margarine with high biological value and prophylactic properties to prevent alimentary dependent iodine deficiency disorders.

Mixer for the Preparation of Various Types of Mixtures

New designs of mixers with mixing members, made in the form of rods are proposed. Intensification of the process of preparing building mixes in mixers with rods working bodies is possible due to the division of the material into numerous streams, their immediate association and the subsequent repetition of these operations. The mixer comprises a horizontally installed onto supports body with a semi-cylindrical bottom, into the end walls of which is mounted a shaft with mixing members, made in the form of rods situated radially and in staggered order on the shaft.

Industrial Installation for Electromagnetic Heat Treatment of Vegetable Oil Products

Photo of the elaborated installation

Our installation allows a uniform heat treatment in the whole product’s volume due to microwave field’s influence.

Wind Power Station With Asymmetrical Aerodynamic Profile Blades

Wind station with asymmetrical airodynamic profile blades

Small wind power stations (<100kW) are utilized mainly for the satisfaction of energy needs of decentralized consumers.

Process of Producing Iodine-Fortified Sun Flower Oil With High Biological Value

Iiodine-fortified sun flower oil with high biological value

There has been developed technology for obtaining iodinefortified sun flower oil with high biological value and antioxidative properties that are due to the molecular iodine and antioxidative spice plant components, respectively introduced in this oil.

Low Speed Impeller Pump for Hydraulic Energy Conversion Systems

The working elements of the water kinetic energy conversion systems develop very small speeds of rotation (1 – 5min-1). In the case of utilization of these systems for water pumping by high speed pumps (700 – 1500min-1) it is necessary to have a multiplication system with high multiplying ratio (i=140…1500). This fact leads to the increase of general costs and to the reduction of reliability.