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Neutron Tubes NTG-2, NTG-3


The neutron tube NTG-2 is comprised of a cermet (glass- metal) body housing a Penning-type ion source with incandescent or cold cathode, a system of forming and accelerating electrodes, and a neutron-generating target. The distance between the active target surface and the tube face is 25 mm. In the glass-metal version this distance is 1 mm.

The neutron tube NTG-3 is made of cermet (glass-metal) body housing an orbitron ion source. A cylindrical neutron-generating target is arranged on the inner lateral surface of the tube body.

These tubes generate neutrons with an acceleration of mixed deuterium-tritium beams of energies up to 100–120 KeV, which bombard the neutron-generating target saturated with a deuterium-tritium mixture.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Main Characteristics NTG-2 NTG-3
Max neutron yield, (n/s) 3 x 108 2 x 108
Max avg target current (mA) 0,4 0,5
Radiation pulse repetition frequency (kHz) 0.05–20 0.02–30
Min radiation pulse duration (μs) 5 3
Operating life (hr) 200 200
Overall dimensions (mm)  
Diameter (without magnet) 35 60
Length 250 300

The above neutron yield values were obtained at an accelerating voltage of 110 kV. The recommended value of the magnetic field induction for the neutron tube НТГ-2 is not less than 20 mT.

Areas of Application

These tubes are intended to generate neutrons at energies of 14 MeV. Such neutron generators are used for monitoring oil wells and ore holes, as well as in mobile or stationary neutron generators.

Fig. 1 Neutron Tubes NTG-2, NTG-3

Stage of Development

The neutron tubes NTG-2 and NTG-3 are at the stage of serial production. Note other types of neutron tubes are available as well.

Contact Details

Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Prospekt Nauky, 47, 03028 Kiev-28,
Dr. Nicolay Kolomiets
Telephone: (380-44) 525-23-49, 525-26-14
Fax: (380-44)525-44-63
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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