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Below are selected scientific achievements from the public press all over the world:

Two College Kids Have Invented a New Cardboard Box. An AMAZING Cardboard Box.

December 31, 2013

Cooper Union engineering students Henry Wang and Chris Curro have developed something that looks brilliant: a box that saves 15% on cardboard, requires no tape, and unfolds so easily that the recipient only needs to push in a flap to unpack the contents.

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Ihor Sikorsky was a great aircraft designer who invented the Helicopter, an aircraft that lifts a person into the air

December 21, 2013

Igor Sikorsky, one of those who was able to realize the idea of Daedal and Icar to teach people to fly. To challenge sky tried much earlier to Ukrainian. For example, Leonardo da Vinci in 1475 drew a design prototype of helicopter. However, he failed to raise a human in the air.

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Electric bike takes to the skies

December 18, 2013

Three companies in the Czech Republic have collaborated on a prototype bicycle that is also capable of flying. Currently in the test phase, a mannequin is placed on the bike while it is controlled remotely like a model aeroplane.

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Young boy invents device to help the blind.

December  06, 2013

Young boy from Ukraine invents iHelp device to help blind people navigate better.

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Solving Problems for Real World, Using Design

December 29, 2013

PALO ALTO — Akshay Kothari’s first assignment at the — formally known as the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University — was to rethink how people eat ramen noodles. His last assignment led to a news-reading app that was bought by LinkedIn for $90 million.

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Turning Wood Chips into Gasoline

KiOR, a renewable fuel start-up based in Pasadena, Tex., said Thursday that it had produced a crude oil made from wood chips at a plant in Mississippi and expected to refine it into gasoline and diesel and sell it commercially later this month. That would be a first for the cellulosic biofuel sector. In a conference call with investment analysts, company executives would not say just how much they had made at the conversion plant, in Columbus, Miss., or how well it was running. But they said the remaining step, refining the oil into products, would involve standard technology.


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US company reinvents wheel to make bikes electric.

December 18, 2013

A new device has been launched that can transform almost any bicycle into an electric-hybrid vehicle. The Copenhagen Wheel is a self-contained unit that replaces the rear hub of a bicycle wheel.

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EU Commissioner: Ger ready to apply for Horizon 2020 funds

December 05, 2013

On the eve of the launch of one of the world’s largest public R&D programmes, Science|Business interviewed Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, the EU Commissioner at the centre of formulating Horizon 2020 and steering it over the finishing line.

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