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Below are selected scientific achievements from the public press all over the world:

What You Need to Know About 4K TVs

July 18, 2013

The next generation of televisions are beginning to emerge; they are called UHD or 4K TVs and they provide a much higher resolution display than your HDTV. You would think that higher resolution displays allow you to see more details however, the big question is whether or not your eye can see the difference.

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Personal Projection Mapping Prototype

11 July 2013

Here’s a variation of that for your living room call IllumiRoom that projects visualizations to augment a game you’re playing or something you’re watching on your TV set.

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Cyborg Device Is Extending Human Capabilities
27 June 2013

Here’s a look at what the Cyborg Foundation is doing to not only restore a vision component but extend it beyond what is normally possible.

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Portugal's Martifer Solar to build 5 MW solar power plants in Vinnytsia region for Rengy Development
25 June 2013

Martifer Solar Holding (Portugal) is to build a solar power plant with a capacity of 5 MW in Tomashpil (Vinnytsia region) for Kyiv-based Rengy Development, reads a posting on the Web site of Martifer.


Ukrainian company’s translation app to help transcend language barriers

July 18, 2013

“Speak your language with the World.” It is an appropriate motto for a new ground-breaking voice over IP (VoIP) application called Droid Translator, which could go a long way toward breaking down language barriers. The app, created by a Ukrainian, works to instantaneously translate long-distance calls or messages via Skype, Viber and other VoIP services.

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Science and technology center boosts research and development outsourcing

June 30, 2013

Ukraine’s intellectual property rights dilemma, the legacy of its Soviet-era weapons of mass destruction programs, and the country’s difficulties in attracting high-tech research & development projects all came to a head at Kyiv’s American Chamber of Commerce meeting on June 13.

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Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 unveiled at the Mobile Asia Expo, brings Android and NFC compatibility
25 June 2013

Sony unveiled the SmartWatch 2 SW2 alongside the Xperia Z Ultra at the Mobile Asia Expo 2013 in Shanghai. This water-resistant wearable device is a watch/notification device that supports NFC to easily pair with compatible Android devices.

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Standing ovation for robot musicians
24 June 2013

DJ Tasaka says the three robots in Z-Machines have the ability to create sounds that are impossible for three human musicians to mimic.
Mach the guitar robot, for example, has 78 fingers using 12 picks, and the drum robot, Ashura, plays 22 drums with six arms.
Cosmo, the keyboard robot, was designed separately by Yoichiro Kawaguchi, an artist and professor at Tokyo University.
The band performed their debut piece on Monday.

Post People, Post Party was composed by Tokyo-based DJ Tasaka. Tim Allman reports.

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