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Home Physics Sensory Spectrometric Analyzer of Water Quality

Sensory Spectrometric Analyzer of Water Quality AQUA-TEST SP


The device analyzes water samples by photometric method in the "field". Integrated with the basic portable laboratory "AQUA-TEST 2000"is capable to determine within the specified spectral range thirty-five indicators to identify micro impurity of anionic and cationic origin, including metals such as: Al, Fe (II and in), Mn, Ca , Cd., Cu, Ni, Zn, Cr (VI), Cr (total), Ag, Ni, NO2~ nitrates, NO3— nitrites, Co, Mo, CI (residual active), fluorides, bromides, Iodates, phosphates, sulfates, sulfites, ozone, phenols and cyanides, turbidity and residual amount of flocculants. The lower limit of determination for Al, Fe, Mn, Cu, Ni, Zn, Cr, Ag and other parameters is about 0.01 mg/dm3 with relative accuracy of measurements better than 1-2%. Spectrometric device has all the necessary functions, which are provided by modern programmable system for data acquisition and processing: input and calculate their values in the on-line mode, saving them to a flash memory, graphic display of the measurement process on LCD monitor, data transfer for further processing on the PC , input of reference data to expand the list of identified components, and so on.

Innovative Aspect

  1. System endowed additional functions the control and testing.
  2. In apparatus used sensory technology that combines low cost, broad functionality and environmental analysis in the "field".

Main Advantages

  1. We broaden class of chemical elements and compound identified.
  2. We can identify broad range concentration of elements and compounds.

Areas of Application

  1. Potable water quality measurement in centralized and decentralized water supply systems;
  2. Analysis of the chemical composition of water from water sources;
  3. Inspection of individual and collective water filter efficiency;
  4. Measurement of silver concentration in potable water and swimming pools;
  5. 0perational monitoring of water facilities of drinking and utility applications in the state of emergency.

Stage of Development

Apparatus tested and certify.

Contact Details

Technology Transfer Office
Organization: Institute of Physics
Adress: 46, Nauky Avenue, 03680, Kyiv, Ukraine
(+38 044) 525 9841, Fax: (+38 044)525 1589
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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