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Home Physics Melt-Textured Superconductive Ceramics For Cryogenics

Melt-Textured Superconductive Ceramics For Cryogenics


The YBa2Cu3O7-δ -based superconductive bulk and thin-walled MT-YBCO materials have been developed in cooperation of the Institute for Superhard Materials of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine) with the Institut fьr Physikalische Hochtechnologie e.V. (IPHT, Jena, Germany, Prof. Gawalek) and the CRETA/CNRS (Grenoble, France, Dr. X. Chaud). Their superconductive characteristics are shown in Fig.1.

Fig. 1 (a, b) - General view of thin-walled and bulk MT-YBCO
ceramics, respectively; maximum inductions of 0.54 T for
thin-walled blocks 16 mm in diameter, 10 mm in height (c)
and of 1.44 T for bulk blocks 38x38x17 mm3 (d) have been
obtained; the results of field-mapping of one batch of bulk
MT-YBCO blocks witness to high homogeneity of their
characteristics (e).

Oxygenating of the thing-walled MT-YBCO ceramics under high oxygen pressure allows us to get material with a high critical current density jc and mechanical characteristics. For thing-walled MT-YBCO at 77 К, jc in the ab-plane is 85 kA/сm2 in 0 Т field and is above 10 kA/сm2 in the fields up to 5 Т, the field of irreversibility -9.8 T, and in the с-direction jc is 34 kA/сm2 in 0 Т field and above 2.5 kA/сm2 in 10 Т field. Under 4.9 N load the microhardness of thin-walled MT-YBCO is 8.7±0.3 GPa in the ab-plane and 7.6±0.4 GPa in the c-direction, the fracture toughness being 2.5±0.1 and 2.29±0.1 МPа·m0.5, respectively; for the bulk MT-YBCO microhardness is 7.2±0.7 GPa in the ab-plane and 6.8±0.2 GPa in the c-direction and the fracture toughness is 1.6±0.3 МPа·m0.5 in the ab-plane, in the c-direction it is even higher.

Fig. 2 MT-YBCO-based superconducting reluctance motor of
200 kW, 3000 rpm produced by “Oswald” (Miltenberg,

For bulk MT-YBCO the batch process has been developed, by which high-quality blocks of size up to 45x45x18 mm3 and 90x45x18 mm3 can be produced.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The main advantages of cryogenic devices based on the exhibited materials are

  • the possibility to achieve high rotational speeds practically without friction;
  • smooth movement in combination with high linear speed;
  • low inertia moment and flesh-like performances.

Moreover the devices and machines have much lower weight and smaller sizes as compared with the traditional equipment.

Areas of Application

Presented superconductive materials can be used for magnetic bearings (e.g., in separators, wind and fly-wheel energy storage systems), in electromotors (linear and reluctance motors, motors where the low inertia moment for high-frequency reverse is necessary, for ship propulsion), in pumps for liquid gases pumping, in MAGLEV transport, in fault current limiters, etc.

Stage of Development

From the bulk MT-YBCO manufactured in the batch process the 200 kW (3000 rpm) experimental motor in cooperation with the “Oswald” factory has been produced and successfully tested (Fig.2). Several platforms (in IPHT, Jena) and vehicle (in Moscow State Aviation Institute) for levitating people have been constructed.

Contact Details

Prikhna Tatiana
Organization: Institute for Superhard Materials of the NAS of Ukraine
Address: 2, Avtozavodskaya Str., 04074 Kiev, Ukraine
(38044) 430-1126
Mob.: 8(097) 467-1827
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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