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Home Physics Universal Variable Temperature Cryostats

Universal Variable Temperature Cryostats


Our cryostats are designed to secure excellent temperature stability in the range of either 1.4 -350 K or 77-350 K and used with liquid He and liquid N2 as needed. Equipped with various types of optical windows (options: FusedSilica/ Leucosapphire/ZnSe/CdTe etc.), they are suitable for optical, microoptical, magnetooptical and electrical measurements.

Range of products available includes:

  • Autonomous type cryostats (CRYOPT series) are capable of controlling the chamber temperature via feedback system that runs both the supply of either He or N2 and heat exchange between cryostat’s chamber and the flow of relevant gaseous cryogen;
  • Universal cryostats (CRYOPT/vac series) are capable of controlling the chamber temperature via twolevel feedback system and feature the high temperature accuracy and low cryogen consumption;
  • CRYOMAG series is designed to control the temperature of samples placed in magnetic fields up to 4 T;
  • Continuous-flow cryostats are compact products deliberately designed for research in the field of Micro- Optics. They cover extremely wide temperature range of 40 – 1000K with the smallest temperature sampling of 1K.

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Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

High accuracy of the chamber temperature (for some series less than 0.1K); low consumption of liquid cryogents; combined system of gas-flow regulation and heat exchange controller, smart temperature controller that is ready to work with various types of standard temperature sensors; easy-to-use manipulators and sample-holders; helium pressure stabilizer.

Areas of Application

Measurements in the field of:

  • optics;
  • electro-optics;
  • Raman-spectroscopy;
  • spectroscopy;
  • polarization optics;
  • magneto-optics and spectroscopy;
  • magneto-electrical measurements.

Stage of Development

Low-volume manufacturing of serial products and custom applications development. International customers include institutions from CIS countries, France, Germany, Israel, Switzerland and other countries.

Autonomous cryostat “UTRECS” A-287
Fig. 1 Autonomous cryostat “UTRECS” A-287 especially
designed to fitOlympus BX41 optical microscope
and capable of controlling chamber temperature
in the range of 5–350K. Patented in Ukraine and Russia.

He-N2 cryogenic system “UTRECS” C-40
Fig. 2 Continuous-flow He-N2 cryogenic system
“UTRECS” C-40 used with optical microscopes
for microoptical measurements in the temperature
range of 40–1000K. Patent pending in Ukraine.

Contact Details

Technology Transfer Office
Organization: Institute of Physics
Adress: 46, Nauky Avenue, 03680, Kyiv, Ukraine
(+38 044) 525 9841, Fax: (+38 044)525 1589
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