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Home Physics Water-Jet-Assisted Laser Cutting Head

Water-Jet-Assisted Laser Cutting Head


The water cutting in microelectronics is most commonly accomplished with diamond watering blades. However, the cutting techniques involved have reached their limit in both speed and quality, and are applicable to only straight contours. Besides, they are highly expensive due to the high cost and consumption of the saws used. Other cutting tools such as lasers or water-jets have their own limits when used separately.

Laser-Microjet system by SYNOVA SA is the first approach that has combined advantages of each individual process: “low-force” cutting of the laser and “cold” cutting of the water microjet.

We offer unique Water-Jet-Assisted Laser Cutting Head (WJALCH) that keeps the advantages of Laser-Microjet and provides extra quality in cooling and cleaning owing to the surplus of low-pressure water used.

WJALCH employs fully PC-controlled water-to-laser switching, combines low pressure water and high pressure water-microjet supplied to the cutting point, secures effective cooling and ablation product removal. The laser beam passes through the low pressure water cell and is focused on the workpiece in the center of high pressure water micro-jet (up to 200 Bar). Laser beam is not guided by water microjet. This secures more precise focusing compared with the similar devices available on the market.

Case study: Silicon scribing
Fig. 1 Case study: Silicon scribing

Fig. 2 Air-Flow- Assisted laser
beam 100 μm groove width

Fig. 3 WJALCH, 33 μm groove width

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • High quality of cutting:
    1. precise focusing;
    2. cutting width is reduced;
    3. heat affected zone is reduced;
    4. deposition of the ablation products
    5. samplesurface is minmized;
  • No atmosphere contamination.

Areas of Application

Manufacturing parts of discrete minute components as well as micro-drilling, micro-cutting, micro-milling and microetching of various materials for application in diverse fields such as medical, bio-medical, microelectronics, opto-electronics, space and others.

Stage of Development

WJALCH is ready for industrial application. Laser cutting head with the high pressure water microjet.

Contact Details

Technology Transfer Office
Organization: Institute of Physics
Adress: 46, Nauky Avenue, 03680, Kyiv, Ukraine
(+38 044) 525 9841, Fax: (+38 044)525 1589
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