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Home Physics Diamond-Like Coatings Synthesis From Plasma Of The Non-Self Maintained Gaseous Discharge

Diamond-Like Coatings Synthesis From Plasma Of The Non-Self Maintained Gaseous Discharge


The non-self maintained gaseous discharge where the vacuum-arc plasma gun is used as a source of supplementary charges is proposed as a new technology for the diamond-like (a-C:H) films synthesis. The technology may be realized on a base of production-run equipment for a vacuum arc deposition after its slight modernization (fig. 1).

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Hitherto this kind of discharge was used for the thermo-chemical treatment only. The coatings synthesis from plasma of this discharge has been realized for the first time.

In contrast to the methods of diamond-like coatings obtaining by condensation of vacuum-arc plasma or RF-gaseous discharge plasma, the proposed method allows do without the macroparticle filter and RF-generator. Due to the absence of dense fluxes of electrons and high electric potentials in non-self maintained gaseous discharge the coating synthesis run at much more equilibrium conditions. As a result, the coatings have a small internal stresses and may be deposited with a thickness of several microns at frail, non-plastic materials. The decreasing in energetic load on the product surface allows do without its forced cooling. The films been obtained by a proposed method is much more transparent than those obtained by another methods (fig.2).

Areas of Application

The method may find a use for optics, electronics, machinery, medicine.

Fig. 1 Experimental setup

Fig. 2 Transparency of а-C:H film with a thickness of
2.5 microns deposited on a glass substrate

Stage of Development

Technique developed and tested.

Contact Details

Valerij S. Taran,
Institute of Plasma Physics NSC KIPT,
61108, Akademicheskaya St.1, Kharkov, Ukraine.
38 057 335 65 73, Fax. 38 057 335 26 64.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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