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Home Physics High Productive Filtered Direct Current Cathodic Vacuum-Arc Plasma Source

High Productive Filtered Direct Current Cathodic Vacuum-Arc Plasma Source


Cathodic vacuum arc plasma source with a magnetic filter, which turns the plasma stream 90о, is described. T-shaped plasma duct with a system of intercepting screens and fins provides a significally higher degree of absorption of macroparticles when compared to conventional "toroidal" filters (more than an order of magnitude).

A small ratio of curvature radius of the plasma duct to its inner radius, a large diameter of the plasma guiding channel (200 mm), and an optimal geometry of transporting magnetic fields ensure a high throughput of the filter - up to 55 %. Filtered plasma source proposed may be used in new vacuum-arc industrial setups for the ion plasma processing of materials including deposition of high quality coatings.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Efficiency of the main versions of known systems and our results

The ratio of the total ion flow at the channel exit to the discharge current (Ii/Id) - the system efficiency coefficient - is commonly assumed to be the criterion of plasma passage efficiency through the system as a whole (generator + filter).

Areas of Application

Filtered vacuum-arc plasma source described can be used for the following coating deposition: DLC, metals (Ti, Cr, Nb, Mo, Cu, Al, etc.), alloys, nitrides, oxides, carbides, composites, multilayers.

Such coatings can be used as:

  • wear-resistant coatings at surfaces of fine mechanic elements (hydrodynamic and electrostatic supports of gyroscopes and centrifuges, pistons of fuel pumps, etc.);
  • decorative coatings;
  • hard protective coatings on magnetic and optic devices;
  • transparent conducting oxide films in solar sells;
  • low-e films on architectonic glass;
  • protective biologically indifferent coatings;
  • “back-end” metal layers in ultra large scale integrated circuits;

Above mentioned filtered plasma source may be used:

  • in new vacuum-arc industrial equipment for the ion plasma processing of materials including deposition of high quality micro- and nanostructural coatings;
  • when upgrading of existent vacuum-arc equipment for widening their technological potentiality;
  • for high quality coatings deposition processes in machine building, fine mechanics, microelectronics, optics, automobile industries, etc.

Fig. 1 T-shaped filtered vacuum-arc plasma source
for diamond-like coating (DLC) deposition.
Coating deposition rate is 6 μm/h at the diameter 20 cm.

Fig. 2 Elements of the gas dynamic bearing with DLC coatings
(convex hemispheres) and with TiN coatings (concave

Stage of Development

Prototype available for testing; patented in USA.

Contact Details

Dr. Volodymyr Strelnytskiy
Organization: National Science Centre “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”
Address: Akademicheskaya, 1, Kharkov 61108, Ukraine.
+ 38-057-3356561
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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