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Home Sensors Hardware-Software Complex for Estimation of Chlorophyll and Other Characteristics of Vegetation Under Field Conditions

Hardware-Software Complex for Estimation of Chlorophyll and Other Characteristics of Vegetation Under Field Conditions


System for assessment of main parameters of vegetation based on remote measurements of its reflectance spectra under field conditions.

Principle of measurement is based on original derivative vegetation indices computed with 1-st derivatives of leaf reflectance spectra in 500-800 nm region. The device is equipped with temperature and irradiance sensors and GPS receiver. Computing block of the device contains original software and allows accumulating data of measurements in database together with service information. For data recording flesh card or external notebook can be used.

Technical parameters of the device:

  • Size: 32x25x20 cm
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Capacity: 5 W

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • One stage measurement of chlorophyll concentration, averaged for all plants growing on area of 40Ч40 cm
  • Accumulation of chlorophyll values as well as vegetation reflectance spectra in database together with information concerning irradiance, temperature and geographical coordinates of area measured.
  • Time of single measurement is about 4 seconds.
  • Software contains algorithms for computing chlorophyll, total nitrogen as well as moisture and projective covering of soil by vegetation. (Two last parameters are in process of developing)
  • The device is transportable and easy in use.

Areas of Application

  • Agriculture Assessment of main parameters of agricultural crops.
  • Ecology. Early detection of soil and atmosphere pollution with some types of industrial wastes.
  • Air-space researches. Validation of air and space measurements of vegetation
  • Scientific researches. Developing of novel algorithms for computing parameters of vegetation state with use of reflectance spectra accumulated in data base and mathematical tool which is contained in our software.

Fig. 1 Overview of our device. Working position under field measurements

Fig. 2 Reflectance spectra of winter wheat crops grown on
areas with high(1) and low(2) extent of nitrogen in soil

Stage of Development

Prototype of the device has been developed, manufactured and partially tested. Upon completion of field tests it will be prepared for industrial producing. Modification of the device and software adaptable to use for airborne measurements.

Contact Details

Prof. S.M. Kochubey
Institute of plant physiology and genetics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Tel 380 44 2588146
Fax 380 44 2588146
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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