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Home Sensors Millimeter Wavelenth Dielectrometer For Determination Of Wines And Fruit Juices Autheticity

Millimeter Wavelenth Dielectrometer For Determination Of Wines And Fruit Juices Authenticity


Computerized dielectrometer of mm wavelengths with high differential sensitivity for definition of wines and fruit juices authenticity is presented. The wine production is an industry with multimillion income, in which counterfeit production can cause enormous financial losses. Therefore development of reliable and simple methods of identification of frauds is very actual. The base of the proposed identification method is the measurement the difference of complex permittivity (CP) between measured liquid in one cell and the distilled water in another cell. We use dependence of the propagation constant of electromagnetic wave from CP of liquid. CP of monitoring wines is calculated using measured difference of attenuation and phase shifts of the waves in the cells and known CP of distilled water at definite temperature and frequency. The absolute measurement errors of the difference of attenuation and phase shifts do not exceed 0.005 dB and 0.001 rad, respectively. Dielectrometer allows detecting rather small СР difference between two highly adsorbing liquids with confidence in order of 0.01%.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Nowadays for analysis of wines and fruit juices the classical methods of analytical chemistry are used that are generally time-consuming and/or expensive and are not suitable for continuous monitoring. We suggest usage of the CP as an integral parameter of physical-chemical structure of wine and fruit juice for authenticity testing. The time of sample analysis does not exceed one minute. We determined enough high paired correlation of CP with main physicochemical parameters of wine in the table.


Parameters s' s"
Volume part of ethanol -0.98 - 1.0
Mass concentration of sugar -0.88 - 0.77
The general extraction -0.98 - 0.92
Titrates acids 0.11 - 0.05
Mass concentration of glycerin -0.84 -0.93
Apple acid 0.80 0.80
Amber acid -0.89 -0.92
Conductivity 0.72 0.80
Kinematic viscosity -0.97 -0.94
Wine acid 0.28 0.15
рН -0.37 -0.24

Areas of Application

The CP measurement can be used by test laboratories of Ukraine and other countries for quality assessment of the wines and juices as a low–cost rapid method. The proposed dielectrometer can be directly built into the technological process of wine production. Also the dielectrometer can be used as a device for scientific research at physical and chemical properties of water solutions, for example, biological liquids.

Fig. 1 Front view of the dielectrometer with notebook

Stage of Development

Field tested, available for demonstration.

Contact Details

Contact person: Zoya Eremenko
Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics named after A. Usikov, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
12 Akademika Proskura Str. 61085, Kharkov, Ukraine.
Tel: (380-57) 720-3553
Fax: (380-57) 315-2105
Mob.:(380-97) 527-6010
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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