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Intelligent Magnetic Measuring Devices Operable in Extreme Conditions


Existing devices for magnetic field measurements are characterized by low radiation and thermal stability. This does not allow measuring the magnetic fields accurately enough at fusion reactors, charged particle accelerators and other objects with extreme operation conditions.

In contrast to the traditional magnetometers, the devices for magnetic field measurement which we propose are characterized by high stability of operation under harsh operation conditions. This is possible due to, first, special radiation and thermal stable Hall galvanomagnetic transducers, and, second, intelligent functions of in-situ self-diagnostics and correction of measuring circuits’ parameters.

Self-diagnosis function is based on the measuring of the signal generated by the test magnetic field of the integrated measuring transducer. This test magnetic field is produced around the Hall galvanomagnetic sensor by actuator, i.e. microsolenoid made of copper wire. Principally important is that the test magnetic field magnitude does not depend on the accumulated radiation dose. It is known, that magnetic field induction depends solely on the geometric parameters of the solenoid, quantity of windings and supply current. None of these parameters depends on the radiation, and, therefore, given the change of wire parameters under the radiation, the magnitude of the tests magnetic field remains stable.

We developed special methods of signal processing by means of which it is possible to extract with high accuracy the signal of the test magnetic field from the general signal produced by the external magnetic field of the reactor. At that, the magnitude of external magnetic field might be several orders of magnitude higher than the value of the microsolenoid’s test magnetic field. For example, the value of the tests magnetic field may be equal to 5 mT, and the value of the external magnetic field may reach up to 5 T, which is thousand times higher. The extraction of such the small test magnetic field with high accuracy is problematic, which we solve by means of the synchronous detection.

The solutions which we propose allow us creating the intelligent magnetic measuring devices capable of operation under such the harsh conditions as fusion reactors with neutron fluence up to 1018 n•сm-2 and the temperature up to 200°С.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Principally novel quality of the proposed intelligent magnetic measuring devices is that they are operable under the high radiation and temperature. This is provided by two major know-hows: first, the technology of radiation hard and thermally stable Hall sensors, and, second, intelligent functions of in-situ self-diagnosis and correction of transduction function under extreme condition of long-term exploitation.

Areas of Application

Fusion reactors, charged particle accelerators, magnetic and electromagnetic systems and cyclotron magnets, in particular.

Fig. 1. Integrated measuring transducer: 1 – Hall sensor, 2 – microsolenoid, 3 – basis, 4 – outputs.

Fig.2. Intelligent magnetic measuring device

Stage of Development

Patented, prototype available for testing.

Contact Details

Inessa Bolshakova
Organization: Magnetic Sensor Laboratory (LPNU) at Lviv Polytechnic National University
Address: 1 Kotliarevsky Str., Lviv, 79013, UKRAINE
(38) 032 2970393
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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