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Home Sensors Low Noise Miniature Flux-Gate Magnetometer LEMI-019

Low Noise Miniature Flux-Gate Magnetometer LEMI-019


Miniature one-component flux-gate magnetometer LEMI-019 is intended for the measurement of one component of the magnetic field vector in land conditions. The instrument has two outputs: low-sensitivity unfiltered output for rough estimation of magnetic field intensity and high-sensitivity filtered output for measuring of its weak fluctuation in the frequency band 0.02 - 5 Hz. Its peculiarities are low noise together with very low power consumption.

Technical specification

  • Measurement range:
    at the unfiltered output ––––––– ± 60000 nT
    at the filtered output ––––––––– ± 15 nT
  • Frequency band of received signals:
    at the unfiltered output ––––––– DC - 15 Hz
    at the filtered output ––––––––– 0.02 – 5 Hz
  • Transformation coefficient value:
    at the unfiltered output ––––––– 0.05 mV/nT
    at the filtered output ––––––––– 270 mV/nT
  • Transformation coefficient error
    (both outputs) –––––––––––––– ± 5 %
    Magnetic noise level at 1.0 Hz – ≤15 pT/VHz
  • Noise rejection at 50 Hz
    (only at the filtered output) –––– ≥60 dB
    Power supply voltage –––––––– ± (3.6 ± 0.2) V
    Power consumption ––––––––– ≤30 mW
    Temperature range of operation 0 ... + 70oC
  • Dimensions:
    sensor –––––––––––––––––––– l = 80 mm, d = 20 mm
    electronics box ––––––––––––– 105 x 22 x 45 mm
    Weight –––––––––––––––––––– ≤0.2 kg
  • Waterproof construction

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The developed magnetometer has numerous know-hows implemented and allows reaching minimal possible sensitivity threshold in comparison with other known versions on the market. Other major advantage is that simultaneously lowest possible consumed power of the magnetometer is provided what makes these devices indispensable for autonomous systems.

Serious advantage is also very competitive price – no more than 70% of regular market price for competitive devices

Areas of Application

  • Detection of slowly varying magnetic field variations in 0.02 – 15 Hz frequency range, Earth’s magnetic field natural fluctuations.
  • Detection of metallic objects movement
  • Gradiometric measurements
  • Systems of tracking
  • Intrusion alarm systems

Fig. 1 LEMI-019 magnetometer

Stage of Development

Magnetometer is already on the market, and Lviv Center of Institute of Space Research(LC ISR) can produce 200-300 magnetometers per year.

Contact Details

Valery Korepanov
Organization: Lviv Center of Institute of Space Research NASU-NSAU
Address: 5A, Naukova str. Lviv-060, 79000, Ukraine
(38-0322) 639163
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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