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Home Sensors Miniature single and multidetector modules and array detectors for compton and positron emission tomography

Miniature single and multidetector modules and array detectors for compton and positron emission tomography


The development of Compton and PET tomography is stipulated by that this method allows to evaluate allocation of radioactivity, to carry out quantitative analysis and to receive the image human body at a metabolism level.

As a result of performance of the given project the new constructive - technological decisions single and multidetector modules on aluminium - polyamide cables and plates for miniature probes SPECT and PET tomography will be developed. The new miniature multidetector probes (up to 10 detectors) allow increasing sensitivity tomographiey up 16-40 times. Array detector modules developed in the project based on assembly CsJ (Tl) scintillators with silicon pin-photodiodes will provide decrease a energy threshold at radiation registration up to 17-30 keV, a good energy resolution (~18-19 %) for gamma - quantum with energy up to 60 keV. Will be made and tested prototypes single and multidetector modules for medical miniature probes for external and rectal application, which will allow to receive the image of organs with the resolution in 4-5 time higher than in existing Compton systems.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Novelty of the project, first of all, is consists in making the prototype miniature multilayer multidetector (7-10 receivers of radiation) probe of rectal application for early stages of diagnostics prostate cancer.

The detector block also will be created on the basis of system « scintillators CsJ (Tl) - silicon pin - photodiodes array- charge- sensitive amplifier». It exceeds system «scintillators BGO – photoelectric multiplayer - electronic subblock» in a lot of parameters: higher length run of a gamma – quantum at E=511keV (for BGO ~ 1,1см, CsJ (Tl) ~ 1.85см); rather low cost (on 30 50 % lower than cost of detector block BGO).

In designs of new detector modules the advanced components (array silicon radiation receivers, scintillator photo- diode detector blocks, fast multichannel low – noise chips with the step of pins less than 50 microns) will be used. The application new precision commutation elements - flexible cables and plates on a basis multilayer aluminium – polyimide structures will allow essentially to minimize dimensions and weight of probes, considerably to improve their characteristics and completely to exclude wire assembly, that essentially simplify process of assembly multilayer multidetector structures.

Development of new high-sensitivity miniature multidetector probes, their using close to investigated parts of body allow to decrease radial influence on the patient, and the increase of the energetic and spatial resolution will ensure an opportunity of diagnostics cancer tumor at a cage level.

Areas of Application

The developed constructive - technological decisions single and multidetector miniature modules and scintillators detector blocks except for SPECT and PET tomography can be applicable in again shaped sector of the market of radiation instrumentation technologies on development and manufacturing portable X-Ray spectrometers, etc. Besides it will find wide application in the field of high energy physics, for an environment monitoring, detection of radionuclides level at atomic industry enterprises, in an industrial tomography, at monitoring at the customs at the airports, at geology and at space instrumentation technologies.

Flexible single-detector assembly
Fig. 1 Flexible single-detector assembly

Stage of Development

The development are based on the scientific and technical reserve, created during execution of P015 and P015C STCU project by creation detector modules for experiment ALICE in CERN ( Geneva, Switzerland).

The development is at a stage of laboratory tasted technological structures and test structures of quality. The constructive - technological limits and requirements to design of detector modules are determined.

The analysis technical feasibility is carried out and experimental samples flexible single detector assemblies are made.

Contact Details

Listratenko Oleksandr
State enterprise Scientific Research technological Institute of instrument Engineering
UA-61010,. Kharkov,. Primakov str. 40/42
Deputy of director, Borshchov Vyatcheslav
Phone/fax: + 38057 733-0662
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: + 38057 733-5933
Fax: +38057 733-0662

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