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Microwave bidistiller


Created in the Laboratory of Analytical Optochemotronics bidistiller has two features comparing to widely spread commercial models.

First feature is application of microwave magnetron radiation for uniform contactless water boiling in borosilicate glass vessel. This prevents contamination of distillate with material of contact heater and products of thermal decomposition of organic and mineral substances present in raw water.

Another feature is two stage process of bidistillate production. On the first stage preliminary prepared mineral water (e.g. processes with KMnO4) is used as a raw material instead of highly contaminated with organic substances tap water. This prevents concentration of organic substances in distillate through azeotropic mixture with water. The second stage uses distillate produced on the first stage as raw water. First and second stages take place in two separate and constructively identical units made of borosilicate glass.

Innovative Aspect

Use of microwave heating provides contact less heating and high efficiency twice distilled water production comparing to similar systems with external heating of glass boiler.

Main Advantages

The system allows preliminary treatment of raw water and prevents any contact between water and elements of the heater.

Parameters of bidistilled water

Conductivity of bidistillate is <2.5μS/cm. Productivity of bidistiller is 1 liter of distillate (or bidistillate) per hour.

Areas of Application

The developed bidistiller can be used as a reliable source of high quality distilled water in laboratories. In particular it can be applied in:
– clinical assay;
– biological assay;
– environmental assay.
Other application areas can include pharmaceutical and food products.

Microwave bidistiller
Fig. 1 Microwave bidistiller

Stage of Development

Laboratory tested and ready for production.

Contact Details

Mykola Rozhitskii, Professor, Dr. of Phys.-Math Sci.
Anatoliy Kukoba, PhD, Sen. Researcher.
Address: Ukraine, 61166, Kharkiv, 14, Lenin Ave.
Institute: Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Biomedical Electronics Dep., Laboratory of Analytical Optochemotronics
Phone: +380 57 7020-369
Fax: +380 57 7020-107
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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