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Reflectometer is a universal measurement tool intended for determination of color coordinates of solid nonluminescent objects. It can be used for solution of different research tasks where accuracy of color determination is an important parameter. Distinguishing feature of reflectometer is use of new detector containing optical filtering system for decomposition of light beam and microelectronic system providing optoelectronic conversion and digital interface implementation. Combination with USB controller and integrated LED source provides unexampled convenience of device application.

Innovative Aspect

Use of modern electronic components in conjunction with concept of maximal miniaturization and functionality allows implementation of miniature reflectometer convenient for connection with computer (including pocket personal computers) that makes it indispensable in research and applied works where accuracy of color detection is the key factor of device usability. Color resolution of developed device is more than 68 billions colors. This makes developed device a universal measurement tool for most of colorimetric investigations.

Main Advantages

  • Spectral range: –––––––– 400…720 nm
  • Resolution: ––––––––––– 12 bit X 3 colors
  • Analyzed area: –––––––– Ø 5mm,
  • Interface: ––––––––––––– HID*, USB 2.0
  • Power supply: –––––––– USB (150mA), less than 1 W
  • Weight: –––––––––––––– 76 g

* No need for additional drivers.

Areas of Application

Reflectometer can be used as universal tool for determination of color of solid nonluminescent objects. First of all it can be applied in the following areas:
– chemical assay (express-assay with indicator test systems in the form of powders deosited onto paper, polyurethane etc.);
– ecological assay and monitoring;
– field investigations;
– agriculture (assay of food, maturity of fruits and vegetables)
– food industry (control of technological processes, quality of raw materials).
Other application areas can include assay of medicines and drinking water.

Fig. 1 Reflectometer

Stage of Development

Sample ready for manufacturing.

Contact Details

Mykola Rozhitskii, Professor, Dr. of Phys.-Math Sci.
Dmytro Snizhko, PhD, Sen. Researcher.
Address: Ukraine, 61166, Kharkiv, 14, Lenin Ave.
Institute: Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Biomedical Electronics Dep., Laboratory of Analytical Optochemotronics
Phone: +380 57 7020-369
Fax: +380 57 7020-107
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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